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TOJ - updates on the debacle, complaints, news about other ventures, whatever. - Page 3621

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Originally Posted by reallypeacedoff View Post

When did the original buyer purchase?

March 2014, iirc I bought it off him August 2014
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got a temporary credit in the amount i paid to toj posted to my credit card today

will have to wait 45+ days for it to clear and be official/permanent/etc. so that drew has time to prove his case against my dispute, but fortunately the money is actually usable until then

i bank with wells fargo and have a visa credit card through them for reference

paid back in mid-february 2014, and i was actually only five days (i think that's what the csr said) away from having reached a time limit where this would've been impossible as of last friday (11/20) when i was last in contact with them

what's scary was that i originally filed my dispute over a month ago, and after having not heard from them since, i decided to call back earlier last week and that's when i found out that my dispute hadn't been processed through all of the way due to supposedly missing vital information

however, the information they needed was actually already in the original e-mail i sent them a month ago, and on friday when they called me back about one more piece of vital info they needed, it turned out that, again, it was in the original e-mail

I was fortunate enough to have very nice and legitimately caring csr's, but don't expect them to be on top of everything (can't really blame them, though, since it was a long e-mail i had to send to their disputes department; tried to cover a lot about toj to strengthen my case)

so with that said, if you're at a position to where you can still file a dispute, definitely do so and know that the onus is on you to make sure that everything is being processed and running smoothly on their (the bank/credit card company) end

was hesitant in posting this before my credit cleared (since drew supposedly lurks this thread), but i felt that people should know
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Lol. I thought it was a new message. Well this is embarrassing
Nah, you're response was thoughtful and empathetic, nothing to be ashamed of there.
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is it drew you're looking for?
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This thread has truly devolved into a trollathon train wreck now.

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amazing, you guys are still eating out of drews hand years after embezzling hundreds of thousands cause he took 5 minutes to write out a sob story while taking a shit.
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Anyone received a jacket lately? :foo:

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Originally Posted by Melbush View Post

Anyone received a jacket lately? :foo:

Haha. Nope. He's gone bro...

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The greatest trick Drew Keith ever pulled was convincing Styleforum that their jackets existed.
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It's common in this shitty industry for people to worship brands and become oversensitive when someone makes a legitimate critique of said brand's work as anything but positive(Hi Cathy Horyn), but in the case of TOJ, he pulled off quite possibly the greatest stunt of them all, getting people to actually tolerate and defend the brand for not one, but two fucking years. You could not possibly love a brand so much that one would actually wait that long and defend it. 

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Guys who defended Drew so long are probably the same people who are really into cuckold porn.
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Originally Posted by skeen7908 View Post

Lmao hes not goi to kill himself you cretin

He doesnt care about any one else

Suicidal threats are typical narcissist behaviour
yea seriously...just trying to make ppl feel bad for him...fuck outta here
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I told the guy at Unis my sob story and he gave me an even deeper discount on the Unis black calf bomber. Feeling like I at least got something out of this.

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