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also that junya x vanson is insanely cool
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also: I can only imagine how much med gray leather toj has / had to buy to run their supplier so low...
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All this fuss over a two week delay?
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I have to say, coming from someone who runs his own business, the ToJ customer service is top notch. They don't fuck around, are honest, and give you the heads up instead of leaving you in the dark. I'm slightly inconvenienced by the two weeks it'l take for them to source the leather, but in the grand scheme of things, I'll still have a badass leather jacket when all is said and done.
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Can we expect the first QDRs getting shipped out this week?
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Originally Posted by jakekrait View Post
Can we expect the first QDRs getting shipped out this week?

Posted on April 11:
Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post
production news:

min/2011 DR's from the first grouping (I think we cut that off a couple weeks ago) are mostly done, maybe 2-3 still left to send, and then we start on the collared motos, of which there were a few, and then we're doing quilt DR's, and then BCDR's. That was the order of popularity and so it is making it faster to get them out by sub-grouping them that way. I expect the first group to be done very soon. Then the second group will kick in and by stats it's probably gonna run the same way.
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post
Posted on April 11:

I'm really curious what the cut-off date is.
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To all those stressing, don't worry, it'll be worth the wait. I guess I was one of the more fortunate since my order arrived in just about three weeks. I understand that it makes those who haven't received their orders yet more anxious when they see others already getting theirs, but just be patient, it'll all be worth it in the end.
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Originally Posted by muffinman View Post
RFX you might be in the same boat as me. I received this email from charly.

Kind of frustrating because I paid for my Min DR 4+ weeks ago and it seems like nothing has been done in that time. Maybe this could be avoided if the parts necessary to make the jacket are ordered when the person pays.

We just found out about this yesterday, and it was relayed to anybody concerned yesterday.
Unfortunately, that is out of our hands, as we buy a lot of their stock, but not all of it, and so we are just customers of our suppliers here. We gave people the choice of opting for a different color as well, so there are alternatives. Dark grey, as I have mentioned many times before, is not so significantly different from medium grey in shade.
The other factor in this is that medium grey happened to be a popular color this time, I am guessing due to the fact that I showed the 2011 DR sample in that color and people just went with what they had seen. An inordinate number of medium grey jackets were ordered this time, and so we cleared quite a number of grey hides in short time that we normally would do in black. Black is our standard color, and will always be. Colors are secondary as they require extra effort to color match the accompanying materials and notions to.
Unfortunately, your order was made 4 weeks ago, but it is in the second round of jackets to be made. We already bought and made the leathers for the first round, and that is how we found out we were short on medium grey - we were buying materials for the second round that is about to start soon. The sample was shown on March 9th, and there were a good number of orders from that time all all at once - a week's worth of orders we took are taking about a month to complete, so we said 3-5 weeks. Temporary supply shortages are just part of the breaks sometimes.

Everybody else; your order date does not correlate to anyone else's order date/style ordered/colors/anything else, because everything is made one by one in a reasonable order. If everybody wore a size 46 and we only had one style and one color choice, then things would obviously move a little quicker.... but that is not the case. Custom clothes = / = off the rack in-stock merchandise.
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Drewwww get back to me
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i will... but in order man. :P The Uncontrol Rider is coming soon, but I owe a message to Arethusa first, and a couple other people as well.
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all right haha :3
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I don't know why northern hemisphere people are sweating on their delivery dates. In a month, you'll be fucking dying wearing a leather. As long as my a-1 is in by august, I'm happy.
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^ Might be to hot for my A-1 when it will be delivered but still eager to place my order as soon as possible. Just waiting to hear back if the green lamb suede hide is big enough for me. What color did you order?
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Gambled and went with medium grey calf.
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