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Originally Posted by Distorbiant View Post

lol. you have a problem. 

At least they're not all blacked out now lol8%5B1%5D.gif

How do you have so many though? Last time I checked you just had that blacked out MDR and the DR 2013 on order. And is that A2 getting a lot of wear? 
I've only got 3 TOJs hanging around right now, and two of `em are bombers. The only rider I've got left is a blacked out MDR (lamb), with a 2013DR (calf), 2010DR (goat) , and BCDR (suede) chilling in the queue. Resisting the urge to kop another T1, moto, and varsity, though. shog[1].gif

I reach for the A2 whenever it gets cold, but my CWU-45 probably gets most of the wear. The A2's a nice jacket to surprise people with, and the CWU-45's great for that everyday kinda cool....
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Originally Posted by outlawcowboy View Post

no. join the club.

What do you have?
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Loving the spring weather coming back, my brown lamb A2 sans fur size 56. Never felt the DR was my style but sure would love to try one on
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Navy QDR.
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Where's my July 2nd Navy DR. redface.gif
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^ This QDR is about 1.5 years old
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(I retract my question on the grounds it will not be answered).
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Do Double Riders look best when they end right at the bottom part of the belt or ending part of the waist a la the picture below?


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Dad tucked in shirt fit
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A mate from the forum snapped up this TOJ T1 however it is too big for him. As the T1 has always been on my radar he sent it to me knowing that it's larger than I would normally buy, but figured I may as well give it a crack as I am a better chance of fitting it than him.


The jacket is a 52-54 and I would normally wear a 48-50 based on measurements.


It has just arrived this morning and I took a couple of pictures after trying it on. I am considering making a few modifications to it seeing as the purchase price would allow for this and i'd still be significantly ahead of the typical second hand pricing of this jacket. 


Pictures are deliberately lightened to show more detail. I'll try get more at home in better light.


Wearing the jacket, the issues I can feel are;


  • Sleeve length too long
  • Sleeve width a little baggy
  • Body also a little baggy
  • Body length fine
  • Shoulders marginally too big


photo c1c392fc-10b0-4539-ae8a-d893a212777f_zps66b36272.jpg
photo cf1428e7-ed32-4ea1-a864-c6958a97ccce_zps8348a8ff.jpg

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Third pic looks good. I also think the jacket works better with the sleeves rolled up.


I agree on the sleeve and body width. 

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Rolling the sleeves was a bitch. Looks better than it felt. They definitely need slimming and shortening.

Jacket is really 'floppy' so the extra size only makes it feel bigger than it looks/is.
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The more I think about it, the jacket with sleeve mods would probably fit nicely over a pullover during winter. Over a t alone it's def too big however.
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Do the silver zips "age" at all? Like, will their brightness/flashiness die down with a lot of wear and stuff?

I'm currently reconsidering the silver zips I requested for my med. whiskey calf MDR.
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I think the body looks fine on that, man. as for the arms, to shorten them and have them taken in a bit is a pretty simple fix and shouldnt cost much. They would probably shorten them from the shoulder, so you could have the shoulders taken in a bit at that time as well if it really is an issue for you. all that said, the fit isnt bad at all. if you got it at a good price, you should keep it. 

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