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Cuffs are obnoxiously large.
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^ was thinking the same thing. The cuffs are quite large fully zipped up but everything else about the jacket is beautiful.
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Agreed, cuffs are so much bigger than the rest of the forearm, wtf
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Eh? We back to the whole cuff discussion again? The cuffs are 5.0" and the circumference of my wrists is 6.25"

Right now because the jacket is brand new and was sitting at the bottom of the box, the opening is not rounding out and is completely flat.

It's running the opposite direction the sleeves are opening so that's why it seems bigger if you know what I mean.

If you look at my 3rd photo, you can see how flat and squished the cuffs are right now.
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Are BCDR sleeves a tad too long? 

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The BCDR looks awesome. Something about the dark circles under your eyes work so well with the fit... thug? don't fck wit me you plebe, aesthetic? 

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Potsnu, I think you might be underselling the varsity. Looks really, really sharp. The BCDR is not my style but IMO the steel gray is going to be better in the long run than a lighter gray. For one thing it won't show dirt/stains around collar/cuffs.
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Just wanted to touch on a few subjects. First off, I'm definitely open to criticism with my fit. But I had hesistations with posting fit pics brand new from the box because I know from experience the jacket doesn't fit quite right brand new. When I first got my MDR, I really didn't like how it fit and looked so I never posted pictures. I wore for like a month and now it drapes the way I want to over my body.

There's a break in period with every jacket, you need to form the creases around the elbows etc. and the zippers are very stiff. So everything will work itself out.

Does that mean my jacket fits absolutely perfect? No, not right now at least.

Some background info. When I ordered my first TOJ, I was 125lbs. When I ordered my A-2 I was 135lbs (now it fits snug). When I ordered all these jackets, I was 145lbs. Right now I'm 153lbs. and I plan to finish off at 165lbs and I sized my jackets with that in mind.

I basically told Charly that I wanted a jacket that fits good now, but fits perfect later. I told him I have room to grow in my traps, shoulders, forearms, etc. and to account for some breathing room in those areas. Another thing that I'm not ashamed to admit is that I have pretty small hands. My hands are only slightly larger than my girlfriend's. So that adds to the perception that the cuffs look large, along with the cuffs are flat from shipping. I also like a slightly larger opening so when I wear my leather gloves, it slides inside the cuff and not over the cuff.

Some of the criticism is very nit picking and it doesn't bother me. I'm not obessesed with having a perfectly fitting jacket. This may seem like a foreign concept, but made to measure doesn't necessarily mean the jacket has to fit 100% perfectly. I could nit pick all my jackets and shave off 0.2" here, add 0.3" here etc. But giving customers those options is exactly why Drew had said he will stop doing made to measure and take control back into his own hands.

Last point I wanted to bring up, even if the customer has total control over the jacket; most people wouldn't be qualified to make the decision as to how a jacket should fit proportional. Which is why I have always trusted Charly and used a bit of common sense and gave my feedback to change the jacket to proportions that make sense.

I've seen guys post jackets of their DR's where I feel the sleeve lengths were modified too short and the cuff opening too narrow. When the cuff opening is too narrow, you can't even fit a nice watch in it. You'll find in all of Drew's fits, he always accounts for the watch opening and he has a slouchy, relaxed fit. That's exactly the type of fit I strive for.

If your sleeves are too short, you're screwed. I think it's this type of customization and nit picking is what causes people to have a messed up jacket.

Last point I wanted to bring up, I have a lot of jackets and even though I hate to sell items I may eventually have to get rid of some of my jackets. So my thought process has always been to stay as close to stock size as possible, so in the event that I need to sell my jacket I would be able to attract a greater audience.

But thanks for all the comments everyone, good or bad.
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Aite, just ordered my first ToJ.. brown calf skin MDR with silver hardware. 


Now the wait begins. :bored:

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Interesting comments from Potsnu. Could you now post a photo of the MDR's fit? 

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Charly advised me on the slim cuff treatment. 6.9 Elbows and 4.9 cuffs. So when unzipped the cuff will be 6.9... pretty much a straight fit from elbow to wrist. 


I think the cuff situation is especially confusing because one of the sewers was cutting them inaccurately (but not badly) for an indeterminate amount of time. The sewer was actually constructing the cuffs smaller than the actual measurements provided, so you can't really look back at older jackets people have posted and their measurement as a reference point. 


I mean all of this shit can basically be circumvented by measuring a jacket and asking charly but still lol. 

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Well Distorbiant, I was looking mainly at the 2013 DR's and those photos are all very recent.

The guy with the Oxblood I felt like the sleeves are too short and too narrow. That's just my opinion though.

I have 6.4" elbows and 5.0" cuff btw
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Originally Posted by Death24xASecond View Post

Interesting comments from Potsnu. Could you now post a photo of the MDR's fit? 

Day 1 - Brand new from box

After about a month and a rare smile
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^ looks great.

After just pulling the trigger on a toj0 a few days ago, ive decided i cant help getting a 2010dr as well icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
get em while you can people
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@Potsnu That's @AriGold  and the guy pretty much has his fit on lockdown at this point. I guess it all comes down to personal preference. 



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