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^ That's a gorgeous CWU. I really like the half-placket. What does everything think about an MA-1 with a half-placket instead of a full one?
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Originally Posted by Potsnu View Post

The colours look really off from that picture, must be the flash.

The navy body should be the same as the sample, as that was navy/black.

And the grey should be the last grey in this photo, but Charly did mention it was expected to be a bit darker in person. But that photo makes it seem really dark.

There must be a ton of flash in that photo. The navy and the ribbing are both very dark. Here's natural light with a touch of shade (iphone 5 camera)

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Seriously considering switching color palettes after seeing that pic...


edit: Shit. I AM getting a black full leather. Damn you drew... 

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I have grey/black at the moment, but considering a switch to black/yellow

After putting the kibosh on a yellow QDR, black/yellow might be a nice consolation prize

Dudes need to post their colorways when they get them
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one 
I think I mentioned this before but no one took me seriously - wet (if lamb) and condition if calf, saturate it til it's floppy, then use a large rubber band like that which you get on a bunch of broccoli from the supermarket, or a hipster girls headband. Hang it zipped up, collar closed that way overnight or for a couple nights, refresh as necessary -It will keep the collar held in the middle with that reverse roll.

Throwing this out there as a reminder, since I'm expecting a CWU soon too smile.gif

NIce pictures!
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That almost makes me want it in navy now....damn


Didn't think it would be that dark

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So DRs and Motos are only available with black zips now?

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Originally Posted by subas View Post

So DRs and Motos are only available with black zips now?

No... why would you think that?
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Originally Posted by Potsnu View Post

I thought the same thing, but either Willy or Charly cleared that up a long time ago.

It did however convince me to get Navy/Grey since I was better able to visualize how it would turn out lol biggrin.gif

I'm still contemplating a Black/Yellow but I have way too many varsities as it is.

go black and yellow
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Can't wait to see some daypacks...
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Got my first toj today, oxblood calf MDR. Took a few pics and I think the fit is pretty spot on. I haven't seen it in natural light yet, but the colour is really hard to judge. It tends to looks brown or burgundy-ish depending on light and angle.


I know everyone says it, but the calf is so much more heavier and thicker and stiffer than I expected. Gotta see how it breaks in, but I think I would've been better off with a lamb for my first jacket. But then I haven't experienced a lamb toj in real life so maybe I just think the grass is greener. I've got a Sherwood calf BCDR in the queue and I'm strongly reconsidering a lighter lamb suede instead. But again, gonna see how this jacket breaks in before bothering Charly with order changes.



Only an iPhone pic, sorry :( (Click to show)




With Flash (Click to show)

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Dude that looks awesome, don't feel any regret for choosing the calf

Like, if the fit isn't that good then sure, having a thick and heavy and stiff leather may not be the best option since it will be pretty obvious it doesn't fit well, but your jacket looks like it fits you perfectly.

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The Navy/Black looks fantastic in natural lighting. I am very excited to get my Navy/Grey. I can visualize the combo in my head and I think it will look awesome.

I feel like ordering the Black/Yellow for everyone here, there can't be that many that are ordered that end up on the forum.

Currently in my line up:

-Black/Purple Winter Varsity
-Brown Lamb A-2 Bomber
-Black/Black/Digi Camo TOJ 2011
-Navy/Grey Goat TOJ0 2013 (still a few weeks out)
-Steel Grey Channel Quilt BCDR (ordered 2 weeks ago)
-Black Lamb 3 Silver Zip MDR (ordered last week)

-Black/Yellow TOJ0 2013
-Olive Calf 4 Zip MDR or Electric Blue Goat 3 Zip MDR
-Navy/Black or Grey/Black TOJ0 2013 (huge maybe, varsity overdose at that point)

Like I said, if I get the Black/Yellow that will put me into Tier 1 of the loyalty program and I might as well get another jacket at that point lol..
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Originally Posted by phosej View Post

I didn't ask for any particular fit, I just told charly I would mostly be wearing a tee underneath, with room for very light layering. I ordered March 24th, received June 27th, almost 12 weeks on the dot.

Great fit. Thanks for the pictures.
Hoping I get tracking soon for mycharly ma-1. I ordered first week of April.
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That oxblood DR looks awesome. Making me consider one of those now..

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