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Originally Posted by 5354 View Post

There's no difference between the black and charcoal MA-1, is there?

Is this a serious question?
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Guess I found out the answer to the question.

They look very similar/identical, add in the fact that I'm slightly colour-blind and you get a question.
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For calf leather jacket, should I use Pecard, Lexol or Neatsfoot to soften and treat it? I have a feeling I'll be wearing my new whiskey calf moto for years to come and I want to take good care of it. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Originally Posted by 5354 View Post

There's no difference between the black and charcoal MA-1, is there?


I think you would end up needing a high res photo to be able to see the true color differences -- otherwise, it's just "dark colors." To my eye, I can barely distinguish the colors with the phone cams -- but the difference is definitely there.

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Got tracking for my Sherwood 4-zip MDR this morning. Sent payment Dec 27. Now I've got to decide if I want a black leather MA-1 or Charcoal wool MA-1 next...
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Originally Posted by uNiCoRnPriNcEsSx View Post

Hey Drew, wanna share some more recipes? It's been a while since you threw us a bone w/ your curry one.


wow can willy cheesesteak hook me up with a link to this

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Originally Posted by Distorbiant View Post

wow can willy cheesesteak hook me up with a link to this

You can hook yourself up.

"Search this thread"
keywords: curry
username: impolyt_one
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just ordered the ma-1 in charcoal.  nod[1].gif


now just need the peacoat re-re-release...


...and the duffle bag (if we ever see it)

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I'm gonna order a charcoal wool MA-1

Waiting for Drew to hurry up with the anniversary models for a lightweight suede Harrington
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I have some recipes for you guys. Lately I've been making stuff so as to impress the ladies, so this will be good for y'all. I have a three course you can put together pretty easily if you have access to kind of gourmet shopping.


a shallot
a couple spoons of butter
peas or asparagus (or even lettuce, like escarole)
about a liter or so homemade chicken stock (pretty light, not too heavy or salty, so it can be made from wings or other bits and a small amount of mirepoix)
mint oil (if making pea soup)
soy lecithin powder
paprika or piment d'esplette

This one is just a pretty plain soup of asparagus or peas (your choice, and frozen peas are good here)
Need a couple small bags of frozen peas or a nice bundle of asparagus. Reserve a handful of peas or the tips of the asparagus to put in the soup, and then clean off the thorns and cut the woody ends off the asparagus if using.
Blanch the vegetables til tender but still bright green, and then shock in an ice bath, reserve those tips or some peas at this point. If using frozen peas, all you gotta do is bring water to a boil and then put them in, turn off heat, let them turn bright green, then straight to the ice bath.
Saute the shallots in butter til they're clear.
Puree the vegetables (stalks of asparagus or most of the peas) plus the shallots in a blender or , then pass the pulp through a fine mesh sieve/tamis til the vegetable puree is very smooth, and then set aside.

Heat a cup of the cream with a few dashes of mint oil, add a pinch of lecithin and take off heat. Foam with an immersion blender, maybe tilting the pan so you're blending some air into foam. Set aside (the foam stays pretty stable for a half hour or so)

Heat chicken stock, add the puree of vegetables just to warm through, salt and white pepper to taste. Put blanched tips of asparagus or blanched peas into bottom of bowl, ladle soup over, and then top with the cream foam, and you can take a spoon and drizzle a little more soup over the foam to break it up visually. sprinkle just a little paprika over the top.

Pan-roasted sea bass with lemongrass cream and lemongrass oil

Recipe is here:

Additional panty-wetting tips:
-When making the lemongrass oil, I add a pinch of turmeric after the oil is off the heat and cooling down, steeping. It adds a neon yellow color to the oil. Don't spill this stuff as it stains everything neon yellow. I put the oils into clear squeeze bottles. Freeze the leftover, as you won't use all of it.
-Blanch the strips of baby leeks and shock in ice bath, dry off, then fry them up.
-I use snow peas, shelled edamame (can use frozen) and baby leeks as a garnish. Blanch, shock in ice, and then warm them in butter right before plating
-you can foam the cream sauce with a little lecithin if you want. The cream sauce is pretty heady in full.
-I add basil oil for additional visuals to the plate. You can make it simply by blanching a pretty large bunch of basil, shocking in ice water, squeezing the water out, then blending with a cup of grapeseed oil and letting it steep in the fridge for a day. Then strain it through cheesecloth into a squeeze bottle, using a funnel.

Duck and pork pie, with Madeira sauce

You need:
puff pastry (find all-butter puff pastry)
ground pork
duck confit (can buy ready-made, or go through the process of making a batch from scratch)
quatre epices
an egg

for sauce:
madeira wine
fonds de veau

Make the meat stuffing. Take the skin off the duck confit and remove from bone, shred. Mix with about an equal amount of minced pork and a splash of cognac, fold gently so that you don't rupture the duck meat too much. Find the weight of that mixture and then add lard so that the mix is 4 parts meat to 1 part fat and incorporate. Add quatre epices, salt (1.4g salt to 100g meat) pistachios (roughly chopped) and then sit aside to chill.

Take the puff pastry out of the fridge and work quickly so that it stays chilled. Put parchment paper squares down and work the pastry on top of them. Take an ice cream scoop and get a scoop of the meat, and then put on the pastry with a good inch or so around all edges of the meat. Cut another piece of the pastry for the top, then take a plastic straw, and lift a divot out of the middle of this pastry, this is your steam hole. Put the top piece on, placing the steam hole dead center on top. Press the pastry down around the mound of meat, molding the top over the meat but being careful to keep the top smooth, using your finger to press the two layers closed well. Use a an appropriately sized ring cutter to cut the round shape, leaving about an inch of pastry around the center mound.
Brush with beaten egg yolk, and then put in fridge so the egg wash sets. Take it out, and then with the lghtest of touch, use the tip of a paring knife or pastry knife to score a catherine wheel pattern from top to bottom of the pie. Also, score around the bottom of the mound, to release the edge to puff separately from the meat center. One the edges, you can score more little hash marks within the lines made from the Catherine wheel, or fold a repetition of little tucks to make a scallopine edge. Do not cut through the pastry with the knife, so be very careful scoring the pastry. You can chill the pie again til you're ready to bake it.
Bake on the parchment at 220C til the pies are nicely browned on the egg washed surfaces, about 30-40 minutes or so. Rotate the pies so that they brown evenly. The insides should be nicely cooked as long as you keep the pies pretty small using the ice scream scoop size for the filling.

Reduce the madeira by half. Add fonds de veau and reduce by a third or so. You need about 2.5 parts fonds de veau to one part madeira. When the sauce is reduced, add butter, little by little in small cubes while stirring, til the sauce has a nice built consistency.

Plate the pies with a bit of sauce. You can break the sauce with a little drop of grapeseed oil or cream, and then use a knife or toothpick to drag little flourishes if you want, optionally. Garnish with a sprig of chervil (or creamed savoy cabbage as I have)
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Also, pro tip: if feeding the above food to women, do not tell them how much butter and lard you've used, or they will freak out. lol
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Additional pro tip: don't eat too much of this stuff, or you will all need to be resized for new TOJs
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might try this on sunday

will post dish pics
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Drew I thought you said before you were lactose, but butter doesn't do you harm? Please share your secrets, do you take a pill before every meal?
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