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So, should we be expecting a bunch of fit pics in the next few days as everyone gets their jackets from the latest batch?


I did obenauf leather oil on calf.  It drank it up, softened it, darkened it, would do it again.  


I haven't tried anyone on lamb as it really hasn't needed anything, except for that bit of renovateur when i scuffed it to hell.  wink.gif

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I put obenauf's oil on my calf motorcycle jacket. I didn't notice any darkening, but it is a very dark brown (kind of like the ToJ dark brown goat) and so I suspect that it has already been darkened by the factory finish.

It honestly doesn't seem that heavy though. I know they call it an oil, but its not like it leaves your jacket feeling greasy or you feel like you even have to wash your hands after applying it. It's more substantial than Lexol, but its not really that heavy IMHO. I don't know that it would really be too much for lamb (although I would definitely want to color-test first).
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Did you guys decide to condition your jackets because the leather was getting beat up/dry or was it just preemptive? I have a toj lamb moto from 2009 and a cloak jacket from 2004 and while both leathers are still in amazing condition, I don't know if I should wait for signs of degradation before treating them with something or just let them be.
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i felt my calf jacket was getting a little dry feeling. It basically served as a raincoat for two years. if you want to compare, try touching areas that don't get wet/beaten up (underside of collar, for example) and then touching the shoulders and arms of the jacket. Can you feel a difference?
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I'll post pictures later, but I will say for now that the sleeve opening seems kind of large, but (in my opinion) not obnoxiously so. Kind of like what afixedpoint posted earlier. It looks OK, it just kind of seems to defeat the purpose of having the zippers there. The CM is really awesome in person though.
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Just got a delivery, literally 5 minutes ago biggrin.gif

Possibly the last suede Harrington from TOJ?


Just turned 40 /dadstyle
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Oh and thank you Dan, Charly and Drew for persisting with MTM for those of us who really need it.
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Looks great
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Damn literally missed the postman by 10 minutes. Hopefully can pick up at post office this afternoon
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That Harrington is amazing. I honestly never fully appreciated how good it can look in leather. I've always found one of the most appealing things about the standard harrington is how clean it looks, unfussy, with simple colours. But the depth and tones from that suede is just great. Never baulking at the price of suede again.
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Clearly you have a signature pose. Nice jacket
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Anyone able to tell me much about the trouser fabric? Charley got irritated and stopped responding to my spam. Not that I don't understand. Also, are trouser wait times comparable to jacket ones?
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Black Lamb MA-1. Not the best pics, I know. But, I do not think there are many MA-1 pics out there. Great jacket:

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how'd you get that already?
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Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

how'd you get that already?

Had an order in for a ribbed CWU in November. When they made the MA-1 available, I asked if I could change the CWU to an MA-1 (since that is what I was going for with the ribbed CWU, anyway). Well, they let me change my order, and I must not have lost my place in the queue. Hopefully, some others get theirs today or tomorrow, too.
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