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What color is the blue lambskin?  Is it like the navy, or something lighter?  

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Just dropping into the thread to say that the calf is seriously great stuff. I have a lamb jacket and a calf jacket, and I'm tempted to say that I just about prefer the calf. Red calf DR is like a superhero jacket.
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So is there no longer any more medium grey lamb suede or whatever was used to make Synth's T-1?

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Originally Posted by abracadabra View Post

What color is the blue lambskin?  Is it like the navy, or something lighter?  

It's Navy.

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Damn.  Quick and dirty fit pics, yes I'm wearing sweatpants.











Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Wow.  A2 in Brown Lamb arrived today.



First, the unexpected:

-Darker than I expected, but that actually makes me love the jacket even more.  Heftier too.  Awesome.

-First impressions on fit - damn dude, ToJ fits slim.  I purposely tried to oversize this jacket a little bit to account for growth haha.  I was planning on layering multiple things with this that might not be possible, depending on how the lamb breaks in.

-The high arm holes are no joke - the jacket is a little bit restricting when I actually try to move right now but I'm sure it'll give.  For example, when I wear a tailored, slim button down it gets a little crinkled because the jacket is so tight.

-Love the side pocket entry detail, didn't even realize that was there until it came today.  To be honest i'm not sure if I'd be able to walk around with my hands in it because that would be pretty awkward/uncomfortable, but it's convenient to have to just to put things in (school ID, keys, etc).

The only thing I would really change is to extend sleeve length about 1"  so I could roll up the cuffs to make them short cuffs and/or just cover half of my hand when it's cold.  Right now when I raise my arms up the ribbing slides up 2-3 inches up off my hand lol.  The jacket is also a bit tight when I zip it up around the waist, I could probably use another 0.5." there as well but again the jacket is box fresh so who knows.  The chest is draping a little funny right now but I don't know if that's because the jacket is new or because I overdid it on the p2p just a tad (I was planning on layering most of the time).  Shoulders are a smidge big but I sized that way on purpose, same with upper arms - might go down 0.1-0.2" on next jacket.   Everything else is basically within 95% and I love it, especially for my first shot at ToJ sizing.
I have a black lamb MA-1 coming, hopefully in the near future.  I'm gonna wear the jacket for 1-2 weeks to let it settle then I'll work with Charly to make the above mentioned adjustments + some other small adjustments (mostly making stuff incrementally bigger to make it a little more future-proof).
Thanks to Team ToJ for dealing with my sizing/general annoyance.  Don't know how you dudes do it - especially Charly lol.
Needless to say, I'm fucking stoked for my next ToJ piece icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
Bonus pic that represents true color, cheesy half thumbs-up + smile included just for you guys.



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^ dope
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Shirt came in today. Couldn't get back from class in time so I just got a postcard saying that they missed me.

Goddamn it.
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wore my A2 today. swooned. Made a grumpy face at the rain then stayed in the mall and had Five Guys. Felt good about things. Cheers JC.

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That A2 looks great a little big.
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Missed my whisky MDR today, will pick up tomorrow and post some pics
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haven't posted to sf in a while...

wanted to update that it's been about a year since i purchased a lamb brown A2 bomber and a dark royal calf MDR. i've enjoyed these pieces immensely. the bomber has had the most wear by far (is the most versatile). i've also really enjoyed the MDR for its cool factor and for the amazing color that appears almost black at night and can almost look green in certain lighting. the bomber is much easier to wear, looser fitting, and lighter. the MDR is a heavier, stiffer jacket that will take years to soften. the color i got meant that the calf was thinner than the other calf offerings-- i would have no need of anything thicker or heavier than it already is.

the only thing to complain about--

i wish that the elastic bands on the bomber did not pill, and that the elastic loops attaching the shearling to the collar could be of better quality. i'm a bit wary of these loops losing elasticity over time.

with that aside, i'm really glad i purchased these jackets. thanks, toj!
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ah shit, you know what? I spoke too soon and forgot that I found a burgundy calfskin that is great. It's through and through oxblood color, here's a quick iPhone snap. It's also very limited, here is the color code: SS-CG-02 Oxblood calf

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Is that as brown as it looks in the picture (looks like a russet red-brown)? What's the weight like? Any chance an A2 could be made out of it?
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hardly any brown in it. It's very truly sanguine.

I can talk to the bomber guy, but he's not gonna like it. lol. This is just as thick as all the other leathers we use. I have a natural instinct to just reject any of the thin stuff the minute I touch it.
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Is it close in color to wj4's burgandy FQHH?

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