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Can't get my mystery jacket until Wednesday. frown.gif
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ToJ/John Coppidge... master of ceremonies. seriously though after being held up at customs for a little over a week my jacket finally arrives on christmas eve. excellent
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Hi!  Considering buying my first TOJ and am a new member here!  I've lurked this thread on and off for a long time now, and I'm thinking of getting a lamb A2.


Just a few questions though!  This thread is massive.


1) I've never had a lamb leather jacket before.  Is it something that is still pretty strong against tearing/scratching, or should I be pretty careful with it?  I understand it's less durable than calf/goat but is it pretty durable in itself?  Something I could wear 6-7 years?


2) I'm in Vancouver so I get a lot of rain.  Is it a big concern for the lamb jackets?  How should I maintain it?


3) Is there a reason why I see a lot of bombers that have this poofy-ness around the stomach area?  On the other hand there's fits like this that doesn't look as poofy but more slim:  I really want my jacket to fit like that.  Maybe he just pulled it down for the shot?


4) On another note, I missed the big shift from TOJ --> John Coppidge.  Is TOJ moving away from MTM stuff soon and going to standardized sizes?


Anyways, if any of these questions can be answered, that'd be awesome =)



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1) It's tough enough to take a few bruises.

2) Getting the jacket wet isn't really an issue usually unless you get completely drenched.

3) Despite how it may look in photos, in person, you want a bit of poofyness in the stomach. It's the style of the jacket.

4) Yes.

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Has anyone had any problems wearing their lambskin TOJ in the rain/snow? I know it's generally not a good idea to get it wet, but i mean... are there treatments you guys prefer?

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I treat my lamb jackets to an umbrella.
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Worn it in the snow last night. Just wipe water when you get home and have it dry itself in the shade
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Originally Posted by lesamourai View Post

I treat my lamb jackets to an umbrella.



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Wear my lamb in light rain and drizzle all the time. No treatment, still looks and feels the same.
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The stomach poofs on my most ribbed hem jackets when buttoned/zipped because I find the ribbing to be pretty tight compared to the rest of the jacket. Is there any way to get a longer/looser ribbing for the hem?

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Wore my CWU45 in light rain recently, and it's a little less soft - but it's still soft, and a little conditioner could restore it to its previous condition. The only thing that you might need to worry about is the suede patch. If I knew that it was going to rain or snow, I'd always wear something else.

The jacket is sized to be a little more roomy than a moto/rider. It would probably look ridiculous if this weren't the case.

Don't roll around in sandpaper and don't rub against sharp things and your jacket should last.
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A lot of the "poof" associated with just received fit pics is a result of them being box fresh. Give it some time to settle.
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This comes up every few pages or so, and I don't think anyone's really going to be able to answer you about lamb durability. It's true that lamb's fragile, but for most people, it'll do fine. On the other hand, if you actually do rough things in your clothes (basement punk concerts, protests, streetfighting), you probably already know what you need.

Personally, the bomber not being available in calf is what's kept me away from the A2.
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Iuno, I've worn my lamb a lot, in rain, snow, hail, fire. Yeah it's pretty beat up and is still as soft as ever, so no complaints about it. I live in Vancouver and while I don't deliberately wear mine in the rain, it has seen it's share of flash storms.
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Hey guys, I'm about to order my first leather jacket (moto) in black. However, I know nothing about leather so I don't know what type I should be getting (lamb, calf, goat). What would be the safest bet?

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