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TOJ - updates on the debacle, complaints, news about other ventures, whatever. - Page 1576

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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

What is murked out? Is that like murdered out or something (black zips, black everything...)?

I believe "murked" is slang for "murdered," yeah.

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yo dawg...
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I went with olive.
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Originally Posted by omgcookielol View Post

Received my murked out snapless lapel mdr&murked ribbed collar cwu-45 today. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
Definitely think my 4th will be a murked lamb 2010dr. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
Thanks TOJ crew!

Pics bro, and what material you went with please
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Originally Posted by c00kz View Post

I went with olive.

I'm guessing calf? I think every single picture I have seen of the stuff looks rather different.
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just won money off point spread from this weekend's football games, happens to be enough for another TOJ, coincidence?
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Cross-posted from WAYWT:

I suppose the main issue is that it doesn't get that much sun, or that much wear, so it's definitely going to be a multi-year process to get it to the point even that Dellath is at with his. It has already turned into sort of a good 'ol standby at this point, which is nice - don't know what to wear? Raw jawnz, raw jacket. I mean, it's not quite baseball-jacket-throwonable, but it's definitely a sort of coddling piece. Which is interesting, actually, because if you think back to Temple Grandin's squeeze machine, it's a bit weird to be soothed by getting squeezed by the skin of a dead animal that was probably...soothed by getting squeezed before it was killed.
Just FYI my jacket has in the last 3-4 months or so has become "throwonable", it's such a powerful piece that instantaneously feel different as soon as i hurl this beast of a jacket on. I probably don't look as good in it as with my CM black lamb, but i god damn love this jacket 10 times more than all of my ToJ items, check that, more than all of my whole wardrobe.shog[1].gif

Your CM VTG is starting to look damn fine, almost making want to own the MRD AND the CM. fing02[1].gif
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So...I know the lamb in most jackets stretches some.  Is it significant?  Or nothing to really worry about.  In my head, the only place where I could envision slight issues would be in the shoulders (mostly if one sized a hair too big to begin with)

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you'll be ok



In charly we trust.

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First picture I see of the olive calf that looks olive to me.

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Originally Posted by omgcookielol View Post

Silver/gunmetal will generally look better on dudes who do the white tee/blue jeans uniform thing.Black hardware isn't as versatile, imo. It works better with my wardrobe than silver zipped stuff since everything I own right now is some shade of black with black/aged brass hardware.


In addition to this, I find that silver zips add a bit of flamboyance to the jacket depending on how you dress it up. When coupled with a mostly black outfit or shades of grey they can be very flashy. Still love them, just my two cents. I'd say if anyone's going for silver on black make sure there's a lot of contrast in your outfits.

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IronKnochs pretty much hit the nail on the head. That was a good summary of my experiences with my old 2010DR.

Cell pics of my new jackets.
pls don't post to gallery cause i will cry
shog[1].gifWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

As for sizing concerns, you can't really fuck up the shoulders unless you weren't reading the measuring guide and added something extreme, like an extra 2-3 inches in the shoulders (slouchy fit territory?). My old jacket was probably an inch wider in the shoulders, and you probably couldn't tell a difference in the fit. A little room in the body isn't bad either - it's all about silhouettes anyways. Charly has the sizing thing down though, so as long as you're honest about your measurements, you'll be happy with the end product.

Ribbed CWU-45 is probably the comfiest TOJ I've had the pleasure of owning. The collar is so easy on the neck, the arms don't seem to taper much toward the wrist (easy to wear a watch under the sleeve), easy access arm office that replaces the need for jeans pockets, and a black single zip that makes getting the jacket on&off so much easier than my double zips.

You guys will probably hear me talk more about the other jackets in the upcoming days, because I'm too tired to say everything that I want to atm. In summary though, I'm a really happy customer, and I look forward to receiving my next jacket.
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I like that you like black. redface.gificon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Exciting news guys, the TOJ era is going to end eventually, and in its place - John Coppidge will truly become a reality. You may consider latter day TOJ to be the foundations of John Coppidge.
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