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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

It's very normal looking this time. I wanted to go with a completely non-stylized classic oxford shirt style in v2, and focus on making each major part (fabric, buttons, construction) better than what one normally sees in an oxford.
button snapshot:

Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

Why'd you opt against crow foot stitch on the buttons? Pocket shape looks nice. Are there no buttons on that collar? puzzled.gif

check your eyes, my friend. Also, as I said before, the collar wasn't made properly, the shape is right but they forgot to make it button down. ffffuuuu.gif I might sew a couple random buttons on just to show what the roll will be like.
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Doh facepalm.gif I'll just blame your camera then. Any idea how much longer until they're ready for order?
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Stop making such good shit drew, my wallet hurts ffffuuuu.gif


Trousers and shirt will be last last order of the year. I swear. uhoh.gif

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The button placket looks very clean. I typically won't wear shirts with them because they usually end up looking like wrinkled vag.
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Bought to hop on the ToJ train with a brown A-2 bomber



Really basic question:

Any thoughts on placket vs no placket / name tag?

I'm leaning towards 1 but not the other because I'd like a more minimalist jacket.


A little worried the placket might make the jacket hang funny when it's open.  I have wide hips but a narrow waist when lean so shit drapes weird on me sometimes.  I'd mostly be wearing the jacket open instead of closed.

idk man, thoughts?

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The "name tag" is cool, the new half placket I could take or leave. My jacket has both and I like it, but wouldn't care if the placket was missing. I wonder if you could request a full placket like the older jackets. Won't make the jacket hang funny though.
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They're not making the 3/4 placket anymore. I tried to ask for it as well.
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Oh, that's it.  

In the fit pics that I've seen the 3/4 placket looks nice, but the 1/2 placket looks weird.  To my eyes, it makes the jacket look shorter/makes it bottom-heavy whereas the 3/4 placket looked nicer proportionally because it ran a longer length of the jacket and helped to lengthen/slim down people's fits.

Had made up my mind just go to stock (with placket/nametag) but now idk ffffuuuu.gif

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You're not going to miss the placket if you opt out. Keep the chest patch, it feels nice smile.gif Now just order your jacket and let the wait begin. Really love my A2. Wish I had money for another jacket too.
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Half placket looks great on my A2 . I think it's just the way people take pictures of themselves in their jacket that makes it look weird.

It'll look great either way though, honestly.
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All this talk about the V2 Oxford made me bust out my V1

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arms look a bit tight in the pit area.
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anyway to take the suede namepatch off my cwu without ruining the jacket/leather? aka is this possible?
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That would be a good way to ruin the jacket beyond repair.
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confused.gif why would you even...  the suede patch is boss

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