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Do most of you folks get your DRs shorter than your bombers? I wear my trousers at my hips, and my bomber just goes over the waistband (5'11", 23.0)

I wear my shirts untucked, so I thought too short might look odd...
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That's a good fit johan. You guys should use modern-fitting jeans as your reference point if you're gonna use them at all - trousers are too high, as you can see from johan's pic.
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Originally Posted by sartbaeklv View Post

TOJ SIGHTING.icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif Alright so who was rocking the bottle green 2011 moto?
This was in Seattle, Washington or something btw
... and I thought I was the only one with the bottle green on the West Coast

Oh, that's me. Kinda weird seeing a stalker picture of me from the back...

I got the jacket (moto in bottle green with silver zips) just a few weeks ago, been trying to wear it whenever it can because it is super-stiff. It kind-of looks bad zipped up because the stiffness makes it awkward, but looks great unzipped, so trying to break it in a bit. I think the size is fine, though, since I got an ADR in lamb in the same size, and it fits well (on the slim side, but I like that). But the moto is amazing; got nearly daily compliments when wearing it.

If anyone spots me, please say 'Hi' -- I've got a blacked-out ADR, this moto in bottle green, first-gen peacoat in black/white herringbone, grey trousers, and one of the original ToJ oxford shirts. I should really get pics of the leathers & trousers, but been super busy.
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lol, wondered if it was you or not. I was thinking 'Seattle... white guy... skinny...' there were alternates but I had a feeling it was you. redface.gif
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Starting to get anxious

The evening weather is just about at the right place for my impending package
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^You and me both. Getting a bit cold on the walk to work, could use some A2 love.
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Is the Chesterfield re-design still being looked at for the real reboot? Or has the focus now switched to new peacoat/trenchcoat/labcoat designs? I remember seeing a post talking about the process (keeping the pattern mostly the same, upgrading details, etc) and then a later post where the actual sample did not meet your expectations.
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I'm not sure. We made a sample, but as with everything, it has to reach a level of perfection where I'm willing to let it go from my grip and out into the world unguarded, for enjoyment and for scrutiny; that level was not breached yet. I am coming to a point where I feel the clothes are reaching high levels, I mean really unimaginable if I take into account my beginnings in early 2009; but as always, I don't want to release things that aren't up to my standard of quality and complication, or value content. It'd be a quick spiral down if I ever did something like that.

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Still haven't gotten a ship email yet...

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same boat, same emotions. =p
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Same here 8 weeks has turned into 16 weeks and it's getting cold. 

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it'll come soon enough. my black goat moto showed up this morning at 7am via usps....I didn't even know they delivered that early hah
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4zip MDR never dissapoints
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So my brown goat 4-zip mdr (with silver zippers, no less) arrived yesterday.  Feels laid back and think it works pretty well over basic non-baller stuff.  I like.


Have to echo Johan, I was impressed with how soft and comfy the goat is.  Tried to take a photo in sunlight to capture that texture.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




yeah... I need a haircut.



edit: - brad its brown goat not black - its really that dark!  brown tones are more noticeable up close in person.  I hope someone has ordered a black goat dr though!

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Originally Posted by Lorcan7 View Post

TOJ photo of the week icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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