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Originally Posted by magicalporks View Post

Heard from Charly a while back that the tiger camo lining isn't available anymore. I'm assuming this means the TOJ1s will probably not be available after this run?

Well Camo lining isn't the only option, you can still get a solid color lining...kinda wish I got that tbh.
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It doesn't bother me too much. Was just curious.

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any updates re: moto jacket + armor?
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Alright. So I am looking to order the BB jacket with the next paycheck.

Does anyone have any input regarding color, i.e. should a dark-blond scandinavian guy get the grey because the tan would be too close to the hair/skin color?
Also, does anyone have experience with the size of the BB compared TOJ1?

.. And yea yea, I WILL email Charly. When I've got the money to send the order.
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size up on bball (from regular size, I don't have reference to compare with toj1)
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Definitely size one up for the bball. I had the TOJ1 in the same size I get the approximate size I get the leathers in and I was barely able to zip it up. For reference, I sized up from a 48 to a 50 and it feels more comfortable. There's a fit pic a few pages back.
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Tan or grey bball, so hard to pick.
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uhh that is the easiest choice ever
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How much is a mdr?

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It's hard to tell for sure though.
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Olive calf DR just arrived at my door. I'm unable to understand how the hell they managed to sew this into a jacket. Outdoor pics will follow. Indoor lighting does not do it justice. No doubt this needs some hard wear.


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Dude, in all honesty, I don't either. I underestimate their machines. Or maybe their will. I just realized, I am probably losing my ass on the flat shipping with the olive calf jackets. lol
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Originally Posted by tomenugen View Post

any updates re: moto jacket + armor?

Yes, somebody pm'ed me and I haven't gotten around to answering that yet, but I got some photos from my friend that turned out not so good, can't see much of what I wanted to show. I guess at this point we're either a) fairly ready to go on those if people understand what they are, or b) need to maybe poll some more amongst serious interest regarding some feature stacks in those jackets. I was ready to go with D30 6mm off the shelf sets for the armor set, and I realize I will hear nothing but complaining about that pretty much - but the point is to keep these jackets almost indetectibly armored and somewhere in between a classic leather jacket and a full-on armored jacket. It's a compromise thing where we're balancing style and performance.
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Has there been any progress on that illusive TOJ x Toyo MA-1? peepwall[1].gif Also, oxford shirts.
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Crappy pics of a black goatskin A-2 below.

Impressions: the biggest surprise is that the goatskin is basically as soft and pliable as the lamb, and lighter in weight. Definitely more luxurious than I was expecting. I think I sized it decently, though maybe could have gone a little looser at the waist (you can see from the zipped up shot that I am stretching out the ribbing).


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