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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

As I recall, you bought a shirt from the sample sale - it was probably a full size too small for you. I'm hoping v1 and v2 don't get compared, because I'm stating right now - there will be no comparison. v2, if successfully made, will trounce v1. I think v1 was a good shirt for $125, the fit was good, and we tried to put in some nice details and buttons, but considering the cost of fabric, labor, and shipping there - there wasn't much room to go beyond what was a standard shirt. If I spend more to get more, I can make a far finer shirt - materials, construction, etc.

Yeah it was always too small for me. It was in that period when I was convinced I was a 46. The culmination of that was when i bought a pink alessandrini blazer from yoox and posted a fit in it. Hilarious.

My moto by rights should be too small for me but I think because I requested the gusseted shoulders it still fits well. It helps that leather stretches a bit too, and that the ToJ shoulder cut seemed to be slightly extended back then. I love this thing man.

Man so many cut decisions that you made back then seemed wrong to me as someone who had just started blogs and styleforum etc, and it's only now that i'm realising how right you were.

Like, for example, the waist was not super slim cut, despite having slim and high armholes and in general being quite a slim shirt. I remember then thinking (even though it was already too small) that I'd get the waist taken in, but that's because I was wearing the shirt tucked in.

I've now realised that when you're wearing shirts untucked they shouldn't have as much of a taper to the waist.

I don't really understand why this is, but after 2 years of buying online MTM shirts i've finally come to that conclusion. Also, the top part of the shoulder can be wider than you'd usually prefer on mall brand shirts because the armholes are slim.

So much stuff that I wish I new, but I guess you have to learn some way or another.

There is probably much more that i'm yet to learn.
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Staple status. That's a good way to describe toj and it's clothes. I like that.
Kelvs dress shirts were dope btw.
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Yeah, that's excellent.
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black lamb drapes so good. Amazing jacket.
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Really looking forward to the new OCBDs.

I own like 6 of the old ones and LOVE them. I basically wear black jeans and a white TOJ OCBD everyday, like a uniform. My only minor issue is that the awesome buttons were so big that they fall off kind of easily.

Still want that marbled daypack...getting really sick of my green one. Anyone have the purple and want to trade?
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I have a purple one to sample sale sometime, if you're interested. It's in Seoul.

The buttons on the new OCBD will be different, and so will the buttonholes. Everything will be changed, except for the pattern dimensions. This is progress.
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got a v1 Black OCBD and it still fits perfectly. Will buy more when they are available.
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Hoping for a light grey OCBD. Gonna grab a white one definitely though, cause man do I love white.
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Light grey or light pink would be solid choices for the third color
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please make a black ocbd!
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edit - prob shouldnt post that
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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

What did you do about the box pleat? Ordered three uniqlo ocbd and wore one... once. They may be cheap, but it's still not worth it if I won't wear them.

I like the Extra Fine Cotton OCBD that Uniqlo carries vs. the normal line as it is smoother and more dress appropriate for office environment. The box pleat is also not has apparent on the EFC OCBD--the tailor was not able to sew it down or I should say did not advise to. I just got double darts on the back similar to TOJ OCBD v1
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I have several TOJ MTM shirts from the brief period when there were tons of fabric options besides the standard OCBD. The buffalo check is my favorite shirt right now, the fabric breathes nicely in the summer and the fit is perfect. My only regret is that I didn't order 10 more at the time.
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

Oh, and we'll continue to use the same size chart, but with v2, I'm open to allowing length changes. That suits most people. I really like the TOJ shirt block, I just wish I could push the quality way up to untouchable status - and now, that's what I am going to attempt to do.
If there's a genuine need for MTM and people can handle the responsibility of measuring themselves, I can consider that too. Part of it being the ultimate shirt means it needs to fit properly too, obviously. Since it's mostly a casual shirt, we may only need basic measurements, like 4 or 5.


Almost missed this small little nugget.  

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