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Originally Posted by pronxs View Post
humans don't eat goat.

seriously, just get the leathers that drew offers. he would have considered all types of leathers before putting them up for sale.
Humans don't eat goat...

That can actually be a catchy name for a brand, lol.
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goat is delicious.
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+1. Roast cabrito. Mm.
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I enjoy goat curry.
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lamb is probably my favorite meat :d
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lol never eaten goat before. hows lamb vs goat meat? similar in taste and texture?
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lamb is so fucking delicious

it is surely the best meat
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Looking good wj4! I need a bomber like bear-jew's, which is brown w/ black fur I believe.
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post
But why man? Deerskin isn't that great, it's very stretchy, has a lot of hair follicle marks that make it more than resemble pigskin (which is much less than deeer) and it has a uniformly matte appearance, which would honestly make it look like that BoO jacket out this season, which I think looks like a TOJ bomber v1 without character/with cheesy chest pocket design detail. A bit of gloss that is easy to wear off/add back with with calandering adds to the character of a leather jacket, which is why calf, lamb, and horse (on the slow side) are optimal to me.

I guess that's why deerskin appeals to me more so than other leathers because I'm not that big a fan of gloss and I like the grainy look. Correct me if I'm wrong but the deerskin I've seen and felt seems to be on the softer side.

I do enjoy the look of the stuff you guys have been making though. Keep up the excellent work.
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Originally Posted by Odd I/O View Post
How does goat compare to lamb/calf? I've read plenty of discussion about lamb vs calf bot not much about goat. What properties does goat possess to lead one to choose it over the other leathers?
Grain, mostly, and fairly exclusively. It doesn't gloss, or drape, or coddle the touch, or stave off wear, or any of the other things that differentiate one leather from another. But it has a rather unique texture that isn't found in other sources of dead hide. My experience could be skewed though, if anyone wants to chime in.
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true, deerskin doesn't have much of a gloss, but it is definitely one of the softest leathers.
I got a pair of deerskin gloves and they've been good for the past 2 years, still crazy soft.

I don't really know much about goat leather, but pics of aeglus' goatskin bomber in the gallery makes it look amazing.
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deerskin is not worth doing. Pigskin looks 80% the same and costs 1/6th the raw cost, one sheet of deer (and we'd need 3, maybe even more) costs well over a hundred bucks a piece. It's deerskin from France, very expensive. It might end up looking cool but I think it's a waste of money.
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cracked pepper chesty and navy fishtail (Thanks Fluery!):

Chesterfield is pretty fuckin' huge on me.. might have to flip it.. Went with an XL on Charly's recommendation cause they run slim, but I'll have to see how it fits with a thick knit underneath.
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So I've just ordered a dark grey lamb moto and so I'm about to enter the exclusive club... Charly is really rather patient, thanks to you man.

Can any of you tell me if I can expect any more communication from TOJ after I've send my payment? Like a confirmation on the size from Drew or a shipping notice, or will I just have to eat the waiting time until the postman comes knocking on my door?
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it's all about the waiting game. once it ships we try to shoot you a tracking number. I'd say about 95+% of people get tracking numbers before the product reaches the shipping address.
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