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^ i prefer some contrast on hardware so i personally would go gunmetal. i have a black 2011 dr with gunmetal hardware and i love it.

Can anyone comment on altering sleeve length on a chesterfield? There was a hiccup last year with my chesterfield ( i ordered an XL cause they ran slim with medium lengths but got a stock XL) and I never got around to having the sleeves taken in.

I honestly don't have a trusted tailor where I'm at.
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Thanks for the two replies, I agree about the contrast between black and gun metal - thats what originally tempted me to get gun metal.

I'll give it some more thought today - but at the moment I think it will be gun metal.

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Ordered a fishtail and got hit with the warmest winter in years. ffffuuuu.gif


Last year I couldn't even get to the next town because of all the snow, right now it looks like spring outside. uhoh.gif

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Got my tracking num for my fishtail, wooo!!

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Probably that time of year again when I explain the basics, and maybe an email policy update here:

-You guys gotta be reasonably courteous with your email inquiries, because there are many other people like you trying to make purchases as well. There are people who've taken the email threads past 100 emails, which is ridiculous. You don't even want to know the sagas that happen within.
TOJ's can be copped within as little as 1 email and a payment, sometimes 2 or 3 - the average might be about 10 or 15 back and forths from both sides if it's fully MTM'ed, there are a lot of questions, etc. There is something misunderstood on the customer side if it's taking 100 emails or more, sorry, even 50 or 60 per piece.

I think from now on, heading into this new year, we are going to enact a case by case email policy that would be similar to waiting on someone in a store - if you're asking reasonable questions and doing business with us in a reasonable manner, you will receive our utmost service as always, so that's like 99% of our customer base.
If things get unreasonable and you're asking questions about the price of eggs, you probably won't hear back from us. Gotta cut our losses at some point.

TOJ doesn't make customs and we don't make 'salad bar' mix n match pieces - everything has a different pattern, is made by different people, is developed piece by piece, manufactured one by one, and not intended to be done a different way. Dan controls the production responsibilities, but he is not the creative force or the patternmaker, and thus he can't be expected to make all kinds of wacky custom changes for the sake of changing something. It's pointless.
We have made custom requests in the past, but these are only offered to certain people (usually people well acquainted with the TOJ product and process) who fully understand that making a one-off piece of clothing takes time and sometimes more money to create than the stock, already developed offerings. Real life isn't just lasso'ing and pasting something from some other jacket onto another.

I feel most of the custom requests come from people who don't fully understand what we offer in the first place, they aren't even aware it exists maybe. They hear the word 'custom' and it's kneejerk thing where people want to have some special - dudes, trust me, we don't make so many of each piece that any of them would be considered less than special or unique.
We don't make highnecks or fencings, we don't make what we made 2 years ago, we don't make Restoration Hardware leather jackets - there are good reasons for all of that. You guys gotta go buy those if that is what you want. TOJ will be here for the people who understand what is on offer. I prefer it this way.

People on the the forums, even the admin of this forum, have criticized the fact that I only operate out of two forum threads and that it's small - sure, I am not getting that Ed Hardy money, but there is something even better this way - almost everyone who sits and reads these threads for awhile understands the product for the most part, and when they get it, they're happy - the success rate always exceeds all reasonable expectations. That is the opposite of hype, there's genuine goodness in all of this. I'd rather have a bunch of informed customers rather a bunch of people who buy and then don't realize or are uninformed on what they're actually purchasing.
There are the occasional trolls in this thread - but even they understand what it is I make, and what they could expect to receive.

Anyway, this doesn't apply to 95-99% of our customers - no worries, you guys are great and there's a great chemistry between artisan and product happening still, and you will not find something like anywhere else - I'm just trying to hold up the end here from sagging.
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Good news:  My duffle shipped out today!


Bad news: I'm back home for the holidays and it'll be a little more than a week before I can get my hands on it... ffffuuuu.gif


I think it took TOJ less than 4 weeks to make it, that's impressive work guys.  Maybe if I keep my fingers crossed my TOJ1 will show up before I get back too.

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I apologize for my people. I saw that, laughed, and gave them a reasonable list of brands. No idea why the fuck they didn't change those. There are some other issues with the survey, but that is a huge one. Once Huddler reopens after holiday, I'm calling them and giving them a fucking piece of my mind.
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yet another reason huddler blows
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Originally Posted by NotClever View Post

My point is just that I've seen a couple people say "I wear mostly jeans and button downs/tees, should I go with a moto or a bomber?" and people say things like "Bomber sounds like it would totally fit your style." It seems like a bomber fits pretty much any style, to be sure, but I was just wondering if there's anything beyond it being a safe recommendation that causes that reaction.

The reasoning behind this is that for the average joe out there who is probably not a very skinny kid with little to no drop, the moto will either blouse out (if he is brolic and has a massive drop) or look like a sausage casing (if he has a bit of a gut going). For the longest time the motos were getting the worst fit pics out of all the leathers. Guys who knew they couldn't rock the DRs were getting the motos, wanting that style but not realising that the bombers were better for them IMO. The bombers are just a more versatile cut.

That's not to say that the harder it is to make work, the better, because Drew himself stands by the CWU-45 in black. Hell, that's going to be my next leather in fact.
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fit battle, good camera out of commission, super contrived smoking photos



also this

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really like the floral shirt under that dr.
good job on the collar too. i need to make myself one for the og helmut lang but i cant decide on what type of fur to go with :/
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Coyote is pretty cheap and super warm. The fur actually feels like wearing a scarf. You could do fox as well, and rabbit is good but you'd need multiple pelts.
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coyote seems like a good choice. i had a canada goose peepwall[1].gif with coyote fur on the hood and it held up well in the winter
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Bringing all the fit contest entries to the top so that ones that have been missed, you can go to and click on the arrow next to their name if you want to put in a vote for them. Some of the early guys didn't get many votes when people didn't realize the fit battle was happening.

I tried to quote every pic that seemed like a fit battle entry (i.e. whatever was not a 'hey i just got my jacket, the end' or 'this is not for the fit battle') - If I left you out and you want in, you can pm me and I'll add you, or you can requote yourself if you want. Conversely, if I quoted you and it wasn't supposed to be an entry, I can take it down…

You guys have 1 day left in the second annual TOJ walk-off! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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fuckin swag
Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

I'll play:
Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

Is there going to be a separate thread (as per other fit battles), or just throw it up in here?
Either way, let's keep the BCDR love going.
Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post

I don't even know what contest I'm entering but
Originally Posted by aeglus View Post

anyway basically a rehash of a month ago, here's what I'll enter to the contest (and never posted this jacket on sufu so I guess I'll do that too)
tumblr_lwjf8rOT2n1qcq3abo1_500.jpgtumblr_lwjf3o9yrq1qcq3abo1_500.jpgdetails (Click to show)
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wanted to take a new pic but don't have time atm.
Originally Posted by Rolfi View Post

my submission, plebe status shog[1].gif
Originally Posted by Johnny Amiga View Post

My submission. Apologies for the shabby pictures, my first fit pic ever. If only I looked that big in real life...
Really old wool TOJ bomber, herning, uniqlo, MTO trickers.
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Old pic. Won't have time before the new year to be more creative frown.gif
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I'll just leave these here...had a change of shoes in between pictures because I felt that too much whisky is too matchy. (Edited, too out the picture with the white sneakers...guess it violates Drews rules? Only one outfit haha)
Oh well, here's my attempt for the TOJ competition. shog[1].gif Me, just about to leave for the airport...
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FQHH 2.2 Bomber for the TOJ fit battle




Originally Posted by Meis View Post

Whiskey calf bomber for the contest
Originally Posted by skitlets View Post

Contest entry. Not as cool as the undercover (or visvim?) guy but I tried.
Originally Posted by ghdvfddzgzdzg View Post

Originally Posted by clark kent View Post

my entry.
Originally Posted by realmisr View Post

Here is my entry for the contest. Seems like no one is showing love to the varsities, so I decided not to wear my leathers.
Sorry, didn't have a proper backdrop =/
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My entry for the fit comp nod[1].gif
Originally Posted by emalkin23 View Post

Here is my entry for the fit contest.
Originally Posted by skitlets View Post

Silly dog loves being in my pictures.
Originally Posted by CosmicOsmo View Post

What's all this I hear about a contest?
Originally Posted by Dbear View Post

For the contest...taking the dog out...
800 ALT. ANGLE (Click to show)
Originally Posted by aether View Post

Here is my TOJ Contest entry. First Generation A-2 Bomber, brown calf
to be honest, I'm not really happy with the way the pics turned out so maybe there will be a part two?
PC254310.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by nineohtoo View Post

I was goofing around with my family at Circus Circus last night. I guess this will be my contest entry lol. ToJ, ToJ, APC, CP.
And this is after I won a giant penguin at ring toss biggrin.gif
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Fit contest:
This is a very different fit from my other TOJ jackets (which were slim/short). It gives me a bit of a (much) less pronounced egg bomber feel.
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Nice weather today.
Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak View Post

Fit Battle entry
Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

fit battle, good camera out of commission, super contrived smoking photos
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missed some of those so i went back to vote smile.gif
too cold outside to wear my only toj so here is old snow (wow, this is last spring!!)
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