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TOJ - updates on the debacle, complaints, news about other ventures, whatever. - Page 822

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Originally Posted by aeglus View Post

ceoceo:I was born in South Dakota and lived there for a long time. Graduated from University of Minnesota. So I'm pretty used to intense cold.

Holy shit a gopher alumni lol. I have a couple friends from Sioux Falls. Nice (but boring) place. What would you recommend then? I don't want to be a part of Columbia everrthang guys shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Razele View Post

Nah I sorta like tailored clothing? I dont really like a lot of tailored clothing that is designed. Margiela is the best but that's because it pretty much imitates normal tailored clothing anyway lulz

I started to like tailored clothing last year. I think it's all about cut, fabric, color, combination, metrical, and timeless style inlove.gif

Why don't try brands like Lanvin. They have both tailored clothing, good design and good shoes/sneakers.
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I like to keep my tailored clothes completely separate from my casual stuff. Long ago when I was younger I was able to make a lot of Raf and Jil Simons work for me as work clothing/biz casual type looks, but wearing a proper real suit, shirt, and tie is much more satisfying, I feel. That grey area between dressed up tailored wear and full casual has gone blank for me now, I don't really do the in-between.
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Yeah this ^^

I really dont like Lanvin that much, its not really my thing. I dont really want to wear tailored clothing by a designer, I sorta want it tailor made for me, bespoke or really good MTM.

Pretty much MC, but much more restrained, quite a strict colour pallette. I really dont like how italian MC has become. Im Austrlian, and we are a Commonwealth Nation, which probably reflects alot on this. For one I dont really like brown shoes, two, I'd be happy wearing navy / charcoal / grey suiting for ever. I dont really like loud sportcoats.
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I'm an engineer at a tech company and so pretty much everyone just wears t-shirts, jeans and sneakers to work... Whenever I tuck in my shirt I'll almost immediately get digs from others about "why I'm dressed up"...

Like others said though, I think I'd get sick of having to wear a suit to work every single day after a month or something
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Originally Posted by Sxcdesiboi69 View Post

Buying expensive casual clothing is best for opening your wardrobe and looking at and having kiddies on the internet jizz at ur shit but at the end of the day serves no relevance for someone who has to work 9-5 as an accountant and when its weekend u just cbf doing anything

Why are you here lol
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I thought I sized the ToJ1 too small, I was wrong luckily. Will get pics when it's not pitch black out while I'm at home. It's due to rain today, rain just adds to the leather's character right? No harm done?
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Razele I have to say that I don't see many people around Brisbane wearing the sort of stuff you do. Am I just looking in the wrong places?
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Nah man Brisbane is shit, Australia in general is shit clothes wise in general but Queensland is bad.

Rick retail is insane, and our sales are never that good here, so way higher prices + way lower sales = everyone wears cheap flannels, black jeans and vans.

Ironically when I first met my girl she liked me because of a really nice black Schneider cardigan and blue hidden placket buttonup I was wearing shog[1].gif
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your prices are higher because your min. wage is way higher
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higher than whom?
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Originally Posted by Billster View Post

your prices are higher because your min. wage is way higher

they have incredible import taxes in Australia. Growing up, even the cheapest of Nike sneakers were like $100, Jordans were something like $500, $700, I can't remember, but something incredible for the time. This was at a time when fully detached houses on lots in nice locations by the beach in Australia were still valued around $100,000 - now those homes easily surpass a million. There's definitely an economic dynamic down there that is gonna make buying Stephan Schneider and Rick Owens a bit of a costly affair.
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Originally Posted by Razele View Post

Eh I'm 25, this is like after 30+ I'm thinking
Can't wear MMM Hi's for the rest of my life, especially with economics / law double degree

makes me sad. i just bought a pair redface.gif
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dude, 25 is way too early to be throwing in the hat on wearing streetwear. You guys should want to be off work by 5 and enjoying your beer at the pub in streetwear+denim til you're like 40, then you can go decide which way you want to go stylistically. When I am 65 I will probably dress the same I do now, if I live that long. In 2046, I will say "you muthafuckaz know what this jacket is? It's the TOJ MDR from 2011!!!" and all of the kids in self-lacing Nikes and hoverboards will roll their eyes at me.
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ha, toj is ahead of its time.

wore the h.land from 99 the other night and ppl were like "its so futuristic"
makes you think and appreciate good design.
props to drew and helmut lang icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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