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Mine is coming soon (I hope), in a less common configuration: dark navy calf.
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^+1 to less common. Got an electric blue goat BCDR in queue.
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So many people at 30 weeks now. Is this normal/expected or do we think something went wrong with production cycle?
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It's normal, the queue is long.

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Hey guys, what are your thoughts on silver hardware vs. gunmetal on a MDR black calf? I went with silver (which they recommended) but now having second thoughts. The order wasnt put in long ago and I may need to change a measurement, so im hoping its not an issue. I hate to bother Charly with a change at all, but if I have to, I will only do it once. Why does this this seem like the hardest decision ever? 

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It's not a hard option, silver is superior.

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100% of the time silver is better all of the time.

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After seeing gunmetal in person, and having silver recommended by the owner of gunmetal...silver is the only option.

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I'm a gunmetal owner and I recommend gunmetal--silver seems like more contrast than I want.
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It would depend on the color of the jacket for me..

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I'm talking about black jackets, like outlawcowboy asked about.
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I was definitely all for silver at first too, but like "ghdvfddzgzdzg" said, it may be more contrast than I want. i guess the whole reason the MDR appealed to me in the first place was because its kind of subtle. therefore, the gunmetal will keep it that way. 


Aside from that, I have another question regarding shoulder measurements.My shoulders are 17" across and Charly recommended 17.5" for the shoulder measurements on my MDR. Should I be going to 18"? worried I might not have enough room, but do the shoulders gussets give you that extra room you need? What size the do guys find is best for the shoulders? Id hate to receive this jacket and have it not fit right. its not even about the money at that point, its the wait... Thanks again all for your insight. 

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I know I'm stirring the pot but all my jacket shoulder measurements are smaller than my body shoulder measurements--18" vs 17" or 16.5". none are too small. Shoulder measurements are forgiving.
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I dont know about that...I own a Schott 626 in medium and it fits just about perfect everywhere but the shoulders. it's always been a major problem and never stretched enogh. granted there are no shoulder gussets which doesnt help. that said, the shoulders are the only thing that really worries me. At this point, once my MDR arrives, im probably going to burn the schott and piss on the ashes. 

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