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My CWU developed a small tear at the elbow. I think it came from resting my elbows on things, I didn't fall on it. It's not getting any bigger, but any ideas on how to fix it?


I'm thinking some kind of glue should do the trick and might give this a try: http://amzn.com/B001F7E9VI.


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On the stock jackets (ma1, toj0, etc), if you want Drews fit, you gotta be pretty damn skinny, jus sayin
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how tall and heavy is drew?
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Happy birthday Drew. nod[1].gifsnork[1].gif
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Taking a lamb CWU with me on a backpacking trip across Europe...bad idea?
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Originally Posted by EvanM View Post

What size do you usually wear for jackets?

Your measurements seem off...


Do you have any other clothes that fit how you want the TOJ0 to fit?

If you do, then measure those clothes and use them as a comparison.

Did you follow their measuring guide? http://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/howtoorder


Also, did you tell Charly what kind of fit you were looking for?

The more information you give him (with accurate measurements), the more he'll be able to help you out.

The ToJ house fit is generally slim-fitting so if that isn't your thing then let him know and he'll adjust accordingly.

Yes, I send al my measurements to Charly and also said, that I don't want super skinny fit. Maybe the problem is also in my fitness lifestyle, cause I gained an inch in my shoulders and almost 2 in chestssince august. I will write Charly to size up to 52 with 48 lengths. But I am still afraid that sleeves will be very tight around biceps. :)

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Originally Posted by click here View Post

Taking a lamb CWU with me on a backpacking trip across Europe...bad idea?
You will freeze in leather jacket if you are going in winter.

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If he's in Spain he'll be fine (I've been wearing my A-2 every day here), but yeah, anywhere farther north and it wouldn't be enough.
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Spain is a big ass country, so saying Spain is fine is a bit if a stretch, below Madrid your should be fine'ish, further not it will be cold.

I would bring something waterproof.
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Agree it gets really cold and windy in Aragon.

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2010 DR going on 2.5 years.
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^ Lamb? How has it aged? I'd like to keep my lamb TOJ MDR as well conditioned and "healthy" as possible (don't plan on wearing it in weather extremes). What should I do?

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My black lamb moto arrived...the leather on this one is beautiful and thick...jacket is amazingly put together, quality is very great.

The pit-to-pit measurements and the midsection measurements ended up being off on it, though -around 0.4" and 0.6" too big, respectively. Not too much of a big deal, but it's kinda bugging me...I feel like it throws the proportions off (the midsection to waist proportion, especially).

The waist is supposed to flare out  a tiny bit from the midsection, about 0.5" seems about standard. Unfortunately due to the midsection on mine being too large, it is around the same measurement as (or ever so slightly larger than) the waist. I feel like it makes the jacket look a little "blocky" -kinda like a square from the midsection down. You can see what I mean in the second photo a bit better, because it's a little more front-on. It's most accentuated when looking at the jacket straight-on...

Am I just being over the top or does it look like this to you guys too? I'm trying to decide if it's worth trying to get the midsection taken in a little bit...it kinda bugs me a little.

Anyway, pics.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Extra pic:


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I think it looks stunning

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Yeah looks really good, but c'mon when did you order.
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