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Last time I heard someone receiving BCDR was that it took 6 months for him. I might (ordered early June) as well visit Korea for Christmas and pick it up myself shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by noirwest View Post

Getting close to hitting the estimated wait time for my wool MA-1.  I wanna order a DR before the cutoff so I hope the MA-1 gets here soon so I can be sure the measurements I sent to Charly for the MA-1 will work out.

You wouldn't measure a DR the same way you'd measure an MA-1 anyways.
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Black Lamb A-2 shipped today, ordered Jun 7. Stoked.
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hopefully i'm next week!  now i'm antsy...ahhh

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Please no more "I ordered on _________ __, so I should be _________ __ soon!" posts and actually pay attention/read Drew's posts, dudes:
Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

Dudes, there is no formula or schedule for the lead times. There are so many models and variations, inconsistent ordering paces, and on top of that, people adding unrecommended customizations to jackets that there's no way to pinpoint some sort of schedule for these cutoff orders.
Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

I think I explained that the relationship between lead time and order date was exponential and not linearly parallel. So yea. But we're just workin on the clothes in the day and the food at night. Hell of a lot of work.
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Just picked up my brown goat A-2. How are the lengths, guys?




It also kind of bunches up a bit in the chest when fully zipped and I'm sitting. What did I measure wrong?

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That's normal with a fresh jacket that's fully zipped.
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jacket looks great to me!  maybe could have used an extra inch in the front/back length but it looks awesome regardless.

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Cool, cyc, I thought that could be it.


@jmaudi: thanks! yeah, I think an extra inch wouldn't have hurted it, but it isn't that bad as it is IMO.

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Noob question but what is the difference between zips and hardware?


Am I right to assume zips means literally the zippers, and hardware are the pull that attach to the zips?

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The pull is part of the zipper.  Hardware is like snaps and buckles

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Dude, that's about as good as it gets. Stop nitpicking and enjoy. If you'd added an inch people would be telling you now that "an inch less wouldn't have hurt but it's fine".
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Length looks pretty much perfect to me, rest fits v nicely. Enjoy
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Anyone here have a collared moto that can show me more pics of them wearing theirs? I've salivated over the ToJ gallery for like 2 months now and need new material.
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I see some people with the collared motos having a beautiful color roll and others just laying flat and lifeless. Can it be formed fairly easy with some oil? I want something like this http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=10924 but a little more like the A-2 collar.
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