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Well, this has thrown an unexpected wrench in my financial planning for the next few months.

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Tragic and incredible at once.

Great luck to you. Not that you need it.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

I am sure yo ucan double what this has done... eh.gif


Wouldn't do anything like that, and I don't need that kind of money anyway. I dislike these $81 jeans or $95 10 year hoody kickstarters because the brand ends up having no principles, and they're not that great of a product anyway. Not really my cup of tea.
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definitely a push for me to grab a black lamb.. have a toj0 a black calf a2. but never the house-special. just couldn't decide which. have been eye-ing on the qdr for a long time but now i have a similar style leather jacket already.. the new bdcr looks good. i just couldn't visualize how it would look in black with quilting.

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I hear back about whether or not I get this job this week. First thing I do is buy something in sherwood suede
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Kudos. Food place has to live up to the expectations of the clothes. Just so you know.
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No money, no TOJ, I want to kill myself.

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really reconsidering returning my mmm sidezips and selling my toj1 for a full leather now.. sigh.. I'd just hate to grow out of it
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Now I gotta start budgeting, ugh

Time to decide between a ToJ2013, a wool MA-1, a brown bomber or some sexy suede number. GODDAMNIT
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uuuuhhhh, should I skip buying anything while in London and just order a toj0 when I get home...decisions, decisions :/
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Well damn, I guess I'll be placing that order for a suiting wool MA-1 in the next week!


Best of luck to you Drew in your new endeavors.  The jackets I've bought form you have become some of my favorite clothing, and if the food you make is anywhere close to as good as lamb leather, you're gonna have a lot of happy people with full stomachs. 

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Next-level parka, leathered-up duffle, refreshed peacoat


I never knew thee


EDIT: Time to find some money for a TOJ, I'm going to try my best to get one article before it's buried.

EDIT2: Some one, get a plain BCDR with gold hardware, just do it.

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Definitely sad news, but I for one am extremely excited at the idea of Drew finally opening up a restaurant.

I know his foods gna be next level shit and I'd make a trip out to korea to try it.
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2011 moto (no collar) in heavy calf suede diesel blue plus silver zips (just two). Pretty sure I can get this order in within 2 weeks if I try hard nuff.
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I wondered why you deleted the sufu thread mwink[1].gif


Just sent payment for a 2013 DR. Honestly the most inappropriate/poorly timed financial decision of my life.


Also: I am officially registering interest in any apprentice opportunities in your future restaurant venture(s).

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