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Just calculated and I'll have anywhere from $350-600 a month to put away for nice jawnz this summer, can't wait to see what new models drew has in store.

Probably gonna wait to order something til the end of summer so that it arrives at the perfect time when the weather starts to cool
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replaying RE4 and Leons coat made me think of that shearling picture frown.gif
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I would be all over a waxed cotton m65-like jacket. It is time, Drew.
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Drew's take on a cotton/waxed hooded bomber, similar to geller or krane's.

That would be fire.
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While we're pitching ideas -- Drew, I showed my sister a picture of the fishtail I got, and she expressed a large interest. Maybe the 2010 or 2011, in an XS, would have worked (she's 5'10"). But maybe some general female size for a future winter jacket would be cool (Forgive me if this was already available).

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I'd love a version of the bomber with a hidden vertical zip pocket close to the placket.  That or a 3-zip Moto!

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drew has said he won't do a 3-zip a la mmm
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When I asked for a prototype teaser (new anniversary stuff / helmet bag production chances / duffel details / n3b / etc.), I was looking for Drew's designs not your random ideas. foo.giffoo.gif
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Originally Posted by B0Bs4g3t View Post

Did Willy finally bring Conan to the Temple?

@4:24-4:51 + @5:11-5:13

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Originally Posted by mreggen View Post

People with suiting ma-1 48's that found them tight; what is your chest "? And how tight? Bearable with a ocbd? I have a 41" chest and ordering a 23.5" p2p jacket seems big to me.

I can't speak for that TOJ specifically, but I've got a 41" chest and my Peir Wu bomber (same style jacket but a bit thinner) has a 23" p2p and it's slim but still with the right slight egg form you want on a bomber. You don't want these to fit too slim. Mine could actually have been bigger.
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Originally Posted by ghdvfddzgzdzg View Post

xpost from waywt


Nice jacket, man.

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That is hilarious, Willy

It is like you are deliberately turning your back to the camera

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Originally Posted by JackL2 View Post

What's the difference between the glazed and unglazed goat?  Is one just a little shinier?  And which would look better in an A-2?

Yes, the glazed goat is quite shiny while the unglazed goat don't have any shininess.
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Hi everyone, PSA here:

I don't mean to offend anyone, or to ignore the implicitly complimentary nature (or indeed the politeness) of the people who have gotten in touch with me, but:

Please do not send me PM's asking me to size your leather jacket for you. I get a number of these every month, and while I can understand the trepidation that comes with purchasing a 750$ leather jacket sight unseen, the fact is that I am not you, and that, more importantly, I do not work for TOJ. It just so happens that TOJ already has someone who is paid to do exactly that - his name is Charly, and he knows his stuff. With his wisdom, a tape measure and a friend, you should be able to get the fit you want.

Again, I certainly have no desire to slight the users who have sent these PM's, but please be aware that I have neither the time, knowledge or energy to review measurements for you.

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