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Just wondering-how many people are needed for interest in the helmut bag before you guys open it for order? 


I'm taking 2 summer classes and the helmut bag would a better look since I'm working too

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I just got my tax return so you guys should sell me the helmet bag sample.

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Question for Drew: What goes into pricing a Saint Laurent jacket for ~$5000? Is it a combination of labor + materials + branding, with extreme emphasis on branding? 

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would be interested to hear drew's thoughts as well.
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i honestly don't know why this question was directed to drew.

1. this is the toj thread, not the slp thread.
2. don't ask inane, non-toj questions just because he's knowledgeable about the subject.
3. if #1 fails to register, see #2.
4. if #2 fails to register, see #1.
5. repeat #3 and #4 until satisfied.
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Its mostly to pay for cocaine and the lawsuits he accrues from photographing young boys when high on said cocaine
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

MA-1 Pics. Not the best but I know people want to see it


was scrollin through these pics and went "UNGHHH" like Masta P
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has leather vest been discountinued?

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what are Drew's thoughts on Duck Tales?
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I'm pretty fucked up actually; as stylezeitgeist male shopping experts would say, I'm having 'cognitive dissonance' - I was walking the dog a couple days ago past a shop and went in the next day to find out there's a suiting wool MA-1 in that Louis W. x APC collection that looks eerily like mine, down to the fabric and everything. It's $590USD on the site, and it was like $800 out here in Korea. I showed mine in November of last year and the Louis W one came out in January 2013. I'll chalk it up to coincidence (notwithstanding the fact that the whole Louis W line has looked like a condensed TOJ line since it came out) , but fuck. I looked it over and the construction is about like mine minus some details, and the fabric is pretty much identical. The lining in ours is puffed though, and that APC one is not , and I prefer ours aesthetically. I say that as a fan of a lot of APC stuff, I just think bows1 pics demonstrate how the TOJ is killing it with the concept.
The fact that dudes in WAYWT were talking about Ervell and shit, while the real trenches are over here; that says a lot, IMO.
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Louis W. x APC is beyond any reasonable doubt inspired by TOJ. It is quite obvious.
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^ I read it in a sarcastic tone
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There was not the slightest twist of sarcasm in my fingers when I typed that. Even though I can see in retrospect how one could read it that way.
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I'm fairly sure I had a feel of that Louis W. x APC MA-1 here in Dublin a few weeks ago, and it was eerily similar to the TOJ.

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isn't there a daypack and a helmet bag too?
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