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Simulations of the various Heavy Calf Suedes:

Steel Grey

Diesel Blue (actual, duh)


Medium Whisky

Dark Whisky

I think the whiskys would look especially good with diamond quilting redface.gif
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Oh so the bcdr is made of calf suede? But I agree
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I'm not even a big fan of suede, but those are pretty damn sick.
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Strong photoshop willy. Suede BCDR gets more enticing by the day
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Lordy I want to catch em all

Blazen, i dont mean to warn you iff but to reinforce drews comment, Charly set me up with a 56, bigger overall measurmements and my shoulders are at 19.5-20 not quite as broad you and thats probably the place where im closest to feeling restricted. I like the fit but im a 38 waist sweatpants and 80s bathroom fit pic
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mike1445 that looks great

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Wow, fuck me.  I want at least 3 to 4 of those colors and I haven't even bought a black leather yet.  =/

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The steel gray and diesel blue are especially calling out to me though.  Which do you guys think is better?

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I can only imagine how long trying to get the color right on the Whiskey colors took, lol. Took me a good hour or two my first time around, but that was before I understood the concept of white balance and color accuracy.
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I prefer the diesel blue, there's a bit of extra oomph to it.

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it's like that awesome sky blue undercover rider became even BETTER.... mother nature needs to toss another tsunami foo.gif
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Turns out my order was diesel blue calf suede all along haha, but I did change from single diamond to channel
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I think channel quilting suits the suede better for some reason.

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Sorry for the terrible pictures, didn't notice until after I put my camera up. Holy shit, this thing is incredible. Couldn't be happier and sizing is pretty spot on icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

blaz3n, head their advice. That's a 52 in the picture, and trust that my back and chest look nothing like yours. You may be better off with the MTM jackets than trying to stuff yourself into one of these.
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Wait till someone orders and posts pics of one with diamond quilting and you guys will quickly change your mind (trust Drew).
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