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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

If our production runs clear, the store is stocked, and Dan seems to have free time in the future and we sewing table space, we may entertain the idea of MTM'ing for an added surcharge and the conditions that a) the person actually really needs it and doing this much work for one jacket will be worth it, b) that person understands how much time it takes to make a jacket from scratch and can accept this fact, and c) back to point a, it's not some nitpicky person who is asking for .5" off somewhere, rather it's somebody like Islander who is much taller than most of you guys and genuinely needs a unique size, so it won't be an option on the table for most. The .5" people will simply be told no.

As someone who does need MTM (at least length adjustments) this is great to hear! I'd gladly pay an upcharge to get something that fits properly - which very few OTR jackets do.

Now to decide what to order before the cutoff. Definitely getting a peacoat, and maybe a T-1 if I can swing it.
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I 'think' I saw somewhere in this thread about the making of the ToJ with pictures, but could not find it. What is it like?

Are they made in a small-to-medium sized factory with workers (a couple crappy clothing makers I interned were like this), or in a small dark basement with few artisans (azummas and ahjussis) working under small light bulbs, a-la-Japanese glasses maker style?
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Originally Posted by Islander View Post

* I love the thought of ex-marine Bomber Guy with his PTSD and Saran Wrap and immaculate workmanship, it makes me happy and sad at the same time. So glad I have one of his jackets. That was one of the best Drew Keith stories ever.
Truth. I was thinking lamb a2 but I'm also about a 56 and drew wrote a post in reply to one of yours saying that might be too big for lamb (or was that just lamb suede he was preferring to)
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He was referring to the lamb suede, the hides are quite small.
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Originally Posted by johanm View Post

Drew, could you speak to measurements on riders vs bombers? I understand that one would want a close fit on a rider jacket, esp on the chest and waist. On a bomber you would want an overall trim silhouette, but would the waist need to be larger to account for the elastic ribbing? I see a lot of bomber fits where there's a lot of tension in the ribbing when the jacket is zipped. Also in the same fits, the quarters are drawn to the side (making an upside down V shape) rather than falling straight when unzipped. Is this intended?
i'm interested in Drew's thoughts on this as well...i just sent payment for a DR and currently own a bomber

just 10 minutes ago i was taking measurements on another jacket i own trying to make sure that i committed on a size that will give me the fit i want...and i really should be in bed since i have to wake up for work in 4.5 hours dozingoff.gif

i'm sure this won't be the last time i do this either
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

What is FUK

It's not worth your time finding out. Explored it initially as it was more British based than here...but it turned out to be full of supreme/bape/nike garbage. Few good posters like seenmy...but I generally just like to troll it and wind people up now to pass a few hours in the office.
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IF anyone is interested i have a size 48 toj1 with 27" sleeves white/grey combo for sale!

PM me for further details.
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Thanks for the info

And no pants tracking # today frown.gif
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DR tracking # received.

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Originally Posted by krayzeez View Post

Is the trousers still going to be available after the revolution? in a new form or the same? I don't have need for them now but I might later:nodding:

At this rate the first batch might come out by the time the TOJ revolution is complete smile.gif

In the market for a pair of black garbadine pants, but don't want to wait 10 weeks for them. The TOJs do look great though.
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A couple of weeks ago I put in an order for my first quality leather jacket, the brown lamb A-2 bomber. At that time I was told that goatskin was not an option for the bomber. After reading Drew's recent posts, however, that seems possible for an additional cost of $65. And now I'm starting to have second thoughts. Main reason for considering goatskin over lamb is that I live up north in Scandinavia, where we often face changing weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.). Goatskin seems more durable than lambskin, and hence has potential to be worn for more seasons of the year.

1) Stick to the brown lamb A-2.
2) Change the A-2 order from brown lamb to dark brown or black goat.


(A third option might be to order a black goat 4-zip Moto (w/silver zippers) in addition to the brown lamb A-2, but I haven't really planned for this extra spending.)


Any advice?

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if that is the case and you plan on wearing in wet conditions, go to black goat. You won't be disappointed.
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I dunno, for $65, it seems to be worth it. 


Goat is more durable than lamb and will probably fare better in temperament weather.

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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

if that is the case and you plan on wearing in wet conditions, go to black goat. You won't be disappointed.


Occasional rain showers often come as a surprise, especially during spring and autumn. Don't intend to use it a rain jacket, but it would be too bad if weather should ruin a lambskin jacket.

Black goat, black shearling collar, no name patch. What zippers do you recommend for this combo, Drew?


I could also need some final sizing advice (length and waist). I'm 6"1' and weigh 165 pounds. I settled on front length 23.5", but have started thinking I should extend this to 24.0" since it is a bomber. Waist is 18.6", but I should maybe loosen it up a bit. What do you think?

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occasional rain showers won't ruin a lamb jacket fyi
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