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Warning: Dad-ish
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fooling around with a camera today and managed a few decent pics



3 months of light wear, no conditioning
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looks awesome

I personally very much prefer the no condition similar to synthese and how Drew lets on about wearing the jacket slowly.
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Ok guys, so I kinda panicked seeing that the CM might leave the menu.

As a result, I've officially chickened out on getting a VTG CM. shog[1].gif

But I put in an order for one in dark whiskey calf. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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from SZ:
Originally Posted by PaintedBlack_7 


is it just me or does that leather jacket look cheap?

the zippers look to be of low quality and the leather looks to be splitting from what appears to be its corrected grain lamination layer in high areas of wear, particularly the sleeves.

I find that most of the leathers here look better with wear, while that one clearly does not. i also don't like the imitation snake pattern.

dying of laughter
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"imitation snake pattern". AHAHA, best bit.
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I know I'm a TOJ fanboy, but come on. lol.

I hope the trousers get out soon. I already have footwear on the way but I used the free ground shipping. Let's see what gets to me first.
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"faux croc leather lapels"

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Uncontrol, it might benefit you to take note of the fit below you. Hopefully the maturity of the latter helps exaggerate the issues with your own. There are many disparate elements and I think it lacks unity.

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b, i admire your tenacity
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Holy shit that site is unreadable and the fits look just as ridiculous as I imagined they would.
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idk i think sz is a good resource for anyone interested in gothninja and artisanal clothing, but the people there are so utterly pedantic that it makes me facepalm and smh a lot of times. loosen up, toots.
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Willy, please change your avatar back to the ice cream cone licking one
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I dunno. Taken on the whole SZ is probably more worthwhile than this place, which has a couple of highly solid threads and is a pigsty of white noise otherwise. A lot of the gothninja bullshit drowns out incredible brands like InAisce/Devoa/L&F that don't really exist here.

But yeah, a lot of people there need to put their heads down on their desks.
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edit:/ I thought she was a guy with a makeup..
Edited by ceoceo - 4/20/12 at 2:03pm
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Originally Posted by ceoceo View Post

Is MBD a cross-dressing guy? I am genuinely confused at the comment that told you to learn from this person's fit...

you ask really stupid questions sometimes.
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