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First two posts on this page are on point.

Service boot would be a must cop.
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Just got my TOJ1 ... fucking awesome. Very glad I sized up to a size 48, can't imagine fitting into a 46 now! FYI no one should be ordering a 46 or smaller unless your like under 5'8 and maybe only if your around 120 lbs.
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Wow, those are sweet Yukutens. First pair I really liked. 


A sidezip or service boot would be great.

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Wholecuts in dark royal navy (bearjew's qdr) and the dark olive that was on the 2010 DR you posted before.
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I can't see navy or olive wholecuts being that versatile though would look interesting.
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Those blackbird things look grotesque.

I would love to see something done in that lovely TOJ suede, preferably with a crepe sole. Would be great to get something non-clunky that would go with a coat or varsity, kinda along the lines of those Mr Hare king tubby joints, minimalist but cool
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What about "monkey boots"? To be honest, I'm not 100% sure on what the actual definition of monkey boot is, but from what I've encountered they seem like a pretty cool and no nonsense style.

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monkey boots will always be middling in the hierarchy of boots, they just never seem to break big. Those trekking boots have fared a lot better because of their silhouette.
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they look sorta like bowling-boots
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^Or, early 20th century boxing boots. nod[1].gif
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You can't get uglier than monkey boots imo
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combats are forever
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So tacky to quote oneself...

Originally Posted by Islander View Post

263 263 263
Rokin ($425) vs Marsell ($700) vs MA+ ($1,800)
I've never handled any of these irl and was wondering about quality and construction relative to guidi or W+H.

^ From should I or shouldn't I... never found my size, would cop similarly inspired TOJ or like moo said something resembling a CD 5 or 6 hole boot, e.g.:


Would not rule out side zips either but something a bit less sleek than MMM.

Also just my $0.02.
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See I'm the opposite, I think all of the above are hideously contrived.
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So we have consensus then!
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