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WTF snow in raw denim? jk. I really liked your tactical squad steeze last winter too shog[1].gif
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ha, its a rarity but i break out the denim once in a while laugh.gif
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I never realized how popular Canada Goose is (at least, in Toronto). Everywhere I turn I see someone wearing CG.

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coyote seems like a good choice. i had a canada goose peepwall[1].gif with coyote fur on the hood and it held up well in the winter


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yeah, its taken off within the last two years id say.
i had mine for a while and it was a good utilitarian coat. on to the next one devil.gif
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I'm not going to have time for a VTG entry before the new year, so here's a recycled baseball jacket picture. Vote for me! Or whatever. And everyone else. WOOOOO! :

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Synthese just use this one, you already have a good number of votes on it already icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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quick photo, does not do it justice:


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I have this same effect on my WV from last year, is there any way to minimize it? I'm referring to the bunching up of the fabric. It seems to be caused by the tugging effect of the ribbing with the leather/wool. It's most pronounced when the jacket isn't fully buttoned up.

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Dude, if there were no "bunching up" on a ribbed waist jacket when open, I wouldn't even be able to zip it up.
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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

missed some of those so i went back to vote smile.gif
too cold outside to wear my only toj so here is old snow (wow, this is last spring!!)

one of the better toj varsity fits i've seen. and i have seen a lot

very clean snow
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fuck you guys all these bomb leather fits makes me angry i didn't buy a 700$ milk stooges off ebay...

vashin & synth & aether channeling feel the best imo
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Blistered milk intarsia is one of me grails
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come on guys i need a wallet and mine has snake on it.
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fuck off, mine's slouchy and delicious. Look at those jeans! So tastefully distressed. I also don't own a single white OCBD. Take pity on me, SF!

I wish I had profound questions for Drew, but I really can't think of anything because I've been drinking malbu, kraken and coke for a couple of hourse now. It's too late to go ice skating, or else I'd be doing that.

SF, find the woman you love and tell her you love her. Namaste, bitches.
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looking for a collared moto in brown or grey 38 if anyone needs to sell
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Jesus I want a fur collar so bad for my DR. Looks so good on g transistor.
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