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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

leave those dudes be. They are the very first to be eliminated from the competition usually. Women are going to wet themselves at both a sick leather jacket, and sweets. It's like being a drug dealer for females who say they don't do drugs.

this is truth. First of all, my dudehood has never been questioned for flans, meringues, salads, steaks, whatever; so you may just be dealing with a rogue asshole here. Second of all, dudes, learn to cook. There is no denying kitchen swag, and turning out some mousse in a fucking wine glass with a cookie is the fastest way to get laid in the world, if you care about that, and the fastest way to get respek in the world, if you care about that.
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Or it's just a good way to eat food you like at relative bargain... added bonus is that it's generally healthier too.
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Looking for a horsehide motorcycle jacket... any chances of FQHH being available anytime soon?

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to all that asked, yes I believe it is light whisky. Man, to be honest, i didnt really jizz in my pants, but if there were ever a moment for a man to do so, it would be while trying on his first toj for the first time. Someone said it before, and I totally agree, it is like wearing armor...that is bullet proof, and gives an aura of swag lol. 

A question for dr owners, when you first got the jacket, was it a bit hard to unzip it?

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Originally Posted by vocalbrah View Post

A question for dr owners, when you first got the jacket, was it a bit hard to unzip it?

The zipper will zip smoother once it gets some wear on it.

At first mine was the same. Now it's fluid as can be.
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I received this QDR around mid Oct I think so this is a late fit pic, I've only got some crappy iphone pics for now but hope it gets the fit across. As usual, amazing, amazing fit thanks to Drew. Also the jacket... it's just fantastic. Anyone thinking of the QDR needs to pull the trigger and get it now, endless compliments and my gf can't stop touching it. It's a bit underrated, maybe because people think it's too flashy but it isn't so go for it!


edit to add a pic to show proportion
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jacket looks real nice, but in the 2nd pic you looking like you're on stilts or something lol. How tall are you?
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looks good man. that's exactly how I wanted my sleeves to fit, but mine are a little too long. ffffuuuu.gif
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After stalking TOJ since the first iteration of the varsity way back when, I finally ordered my first leather from charly, culminating years of lust, denial, and slowly looking at my bank account in guilt.

I always thought that people who were being anal about their measurements was ridiculous. Now I know the truth. Buying your first leather, or anything expensive that you have to size yourself is somewhat scary. Add on the extreme amounts of pressure of having wanted the leather for so long and you start constantly looking at the measurements you have no expertise in trying to get that "perfect fit." Even with following the measuring guide exactly, im slightly worried about sleeve length and shoulders haha. But after so long (and a lot of bitching to friends about how much I wanted one), I finally ordered. Now the wait......

I also picked up a TOJ0 AE varsity secondhand over the summer (sorry drew, but buttons and set in sleeves on the TOJ0 have a special place in my heart) and I kinda sorta bumped into an industrial staple today. There are now four small tears in a row in my beautiful sleeve that no one will ever notice but me. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix it?
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not much you can do if you puncture the leather, but it can be charming sometimes as well.

Some stellar fit pics all of a sudden, nice showing you guys. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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what color is this? Is this the medium gray?
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great fits in all of the last few pages

ive always believed the MDR didnt get enough love compared to the 2010 DR, wish there was someway to take a 2010 DR and have the quilted MDR's shoulders (or would it look too out of place?)

the CWU-45 with the ribbed collar also looks amazing, it does indeed look like an all leather MA-1
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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

oh god, id like to try your tiramisu (no homo)
its the only cake ill eat. im sure ups can ship foods right?!?! right?!?!

Just make some yourself, it's actually really easy to make. Just make a lot and feed Korean girls like I did. teacha.gif


Somehow I'm hanging out with more Korean people now than last semester when I was actually in Korea. All the kids in my classes there seemed intimidated by the fact I actually answered questions from the prof. Ah Korea University... redface.gif

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if I were skinnier and awesomer i would buy a 2010 dr.
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when are you meeting up with scott again?
we never got any uncXscott mXlane pics?!?!
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