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Originally Posted by robgotsastaplerr View Post
the whispering eye

(it's shakespearean for pussy)

this is actually really fucking good
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Not my actual suggestion, but: Trust Our Judgment
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Originally Posted by aaaeeeiiiooouuu View Post
^ not a bad idea. Some of the engrish ideas aren't awful, but wouldn't you grow out of them just like 'temple of jawnz'
drew would probably get into a lawsuit with temple university should he ever decide to expand. bad idea.
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rude mechanicals
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Originally Posted by Wang03 View Post
Téméraire ou Jouissance (in keeping with the TOJ acronym) French for "Reckless or Enjoyment". Jouissance also means pleasure. This is the vibe i get from TOJ; a company that resulted from taking risks when Drew went to Korea with an idea of a Taco truck, which subsequently led to new ideas for the TOJ project to evolve. This process all started by him taking a dive into unknown waters, and making something wonderful happen. His endeavors has led us to what TOJ is now, a company that puts out quality MTM clothing for the pleasure of people that purchase them, as well as the viewing eyes of everyone around them. Joseph Stalin once said, "You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves." In order to produce something to one's ideal, a level of risk, courage, and vision must be present. Only then can we experience the pleasures our aspirations has to offer.
Wait a minute. This sounds... familiar.
Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post
Keith by Drew Keith? The dude doesn't even have a full label yet, and already needs a diffusion label? Temple of Jawnz is actually a bad name if Drew is thinking of expanding beyond the interwebz to having a presence in B&M, or high level internet-only retailers like ssense/thecorner/Revolveclothing(at Forward), etc.... The use of a term like jawnz automatically pigeonholes you as a novelty streetwear brand. May as well go with Fuel Star. Concentrating around "Temple" is also fraught with problems, because a lot of buyers are wary of anything sounding even remotely religious, whether or not that is the case. 3Sixteen, Iron Army, Temple Bags, etc... have all had their problems. You go to a trade show with "Temple of Jawnz", and you are going to turn off half of your potential clientele right away, for one reason or the other. ToJ, pronounced "Tee-Oh-Jay" is probably the best option offered up so far. The acronym is short and easy to remember; and the good backstory, (even though the original name would be defunct - and everyone could have a good laugh about it as well,) and the uncertain pronunciation of the name give "insiders" a little something.) If you really want a dramatic change, I was originally thinking of: Garderobe Aperçu or garderobe précis essentially "Capsule wardrobe". Variants include a French and English mishmash: garderobe capsule or Capsule garderobe The capsule wardrobe idea captures what Drew's idea for the label. The names are not strictly correct French, but I thought that the Engrish nature of the terms would pay homage to the label's origins, and also, follow a long tradition of European brands of co-opting English phrases, like European Culture, Golden Goose, Stone Island, etc... and of Japanese and other Asian companies using English in a nonsense way: Diet Butcher Slim Skim, or N. Hoolywood, or Mr. Olive "Eagle of Independence", either to evoke a feeling, or just to because the words are sonically interesting. The problem, of course, with these names, unless you deliberately use misspelled words, or a really unlikely combination, that internet searches will be impossible, which is a big marketing problem. So I added Drew's name into the mix, and came up with: Garderobe Precis by Drew Keith. The name sounds like a label, not like a designer line (which is what Drew wants, I think.) I liked "Precis" over the other terms because of the "P" and "S" sounds, and because sounds like "precise", which gives the name and label some sharpness. I opted for the "by" to soften the name for English speakers. The name will be easy to find on the web, and as a bonus, easily condenses if there is ever a diffusion line - GP Drew Keith, for example, or "Precis". (Or you could go fullon Engrish, and do "Precise Wardrobe by Drew Keith")
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post
drew would probably get into a lawsuit with temple university should he ever decide to expand. bad idea.
well, come to think of it "temple" by itself doesn't sound that appealing anyway. my point was that something otherworldly and engrish will probably grow old pretty quickly. i don't know much about it, but i'm sure 'temple of jawnz' sounded awesome at its conception (still don't mind it, personally) edit: i really like the idea above of it just being "TOJ". that way, it sorta retains the brand while not pigeonholing it at all.
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Temple's already taken (Temple bags). Had this exact same exchange the first time Drew opened up submissions.
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Originally Posted by GBear View Post
Shit. Damn, don't want people creeping me! And how do you know I don't go to Laurier!?!?

Oh shit, there's SFers from loo. I was beginning to think I was the only one.
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Leather and Love
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Line 23 - unlicensed Korean maison Martin margiela diffusion line
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Originally Posted by nicelynice View Post
Line 23 - unlicensed Korean maison Martin margiela diffusion line

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i want to combine drew's love of food w/ his creative design of toj, something like ...

Drew Keith's Kitchen of [Chef Kieth's] Leather Wares[Goods] - people will think it's kitchen knifes or something and then BAM!

'leather goods & eats by drew keith' short 'LG&E' like PG&E (5)
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i think it should be somethng about poached eggs
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I also wanted to use a name combining food & clothing, so I originally came up with:

Fork & Sai

The fork obviously comes from the food counterpart. The Sai represents the clothing in some way, since Drew's leathers are piercing/striking, like a sai. The piercing/striking also represents the edgy part of the clothing he makes.

Another thing I found cool with this was that the Sai was in some sort an "evolved" fork. This represents Drew taking what has already been done, and always making better versions of them.

I then found that the name sounds too restaurant-y and finally decided on

Fork and Dagger.

The name keeps a similar principle as Fork & Sai , and making it a bit more english-y and also less restaurant-y. This name also has more "swag" in it than the previous one. And the name needs to have one, since TOJ has always been about "swag".
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