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Originally Posted by chobochobo View Post

Damn, seems that I won't get my BCDR before orders close. Was hoping to check fit and order another. frown.gif

You should be able to pay now, then send in measurements later.
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I'm definitely in for a fishtail. Fuck this Canada Goose. 

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A standard size fishtail or chesterfield would kill
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Man, wallets would be pretty killer. Would you offer a choice of leather and the option to have more card slots instead of the coin purse on the zip wallet like when they were in production? Or would it be standardised? Probably doesn't matter tbh, would cop regardless.

Fishtail would also be sick.
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A fishtail release would be copped immediately.
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Originally Posted by krayzeez View Post

Bifold wallet, oxfords and all leather weekender please.

This wallet. Wanted one since I saw it.
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I dod not know this line of clothes, it seems that TOJ is not in production anymore, that´s a pity

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Small zip wallet awww yeah
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I'd get a couple oxfords for sure. Also, a peacoat and/or a fishtail.
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Just a few pics of my ToJ:



I recently had it conditioned so the colour is a bit darker and more even. Overall, a great jacket, I especially like the texture and deepness of the colour (similar to a muted gray with a slight tint of green in real life). Quite heavy and substantial as well. It should make for a great summer and fall jacket.

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Just picked this up off of another member on here, was a little worried about how the body length would be, hows it look?



Picture quality isn't great as it was taken indoors with not very good lighting.

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All the best drew! Definitely down for a bag, wallet or admiral peacoat.
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i'm in for (in no particular order):


1. Backpack

2. Oxford shirts

3. TOJ 1 2011 or TOJ 2010 winter varisty - Raglan!

4. A-2 Bomber 2011 - an updated version of some sort as a last hurraahhh. Maybe pay homage to original WWII design and offer in calf as well like the good old days? 

5. Fishtail parka

6. Peacoat - with slightly shorter length & without the bell bottom sleeves? Just a suggestion.

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