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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

To that, opening is a bear - so the restaurant opening needs a little kick in the pants. I have thought about doing a kickstarter, but I'm not the kind of person to just ask for donations and repay in gratitude. I can offer tangible products - so let me do that. I have been thinking we should run some of the bags while we have the chance, and maybe run off some of the selvedge oxford shirts with the fabric I have left for them. We can also offer the wallet with YKK Excella instead of Riri, and possibly some more discontinued items for a last chance thing. What do you guys think? Let me know which items would be most desirable. All of them come from their own assembly facilities that aren't with the jackets, so lead time on them would be much shorter, probably about 2 months from campaign close.




  • Coats
  • The fabled TOJ duffle (most wanted)
  • Wallet would be nice too
  • As artishard mentioned, "in-stock toj jackets with measurements/materials that I can't second-guess..."
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Helmet bag would be sweet.  Maybe access to unsold sample coats too (if they haven't already been sold/given away)?

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Kickstarter reward Tiers:
1) Leather Wallet

2) Oxford Shirt
3) Helmut Bag

4) Wool Parka



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I would be interested in an oxford, wallet and if offered a duffle. Possibly a helmut bag.

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Secret parka option for some sort of top-tier contribution.  

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Would love to get an oxford. I got a TOJ v2 oxford secondhand and it's really great, another 3 or 4 would be nice to have in my closet.

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Admirals Peacoat.
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Count me in for oxfords, wallet and a bag.

and possibly some jackets
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Originally Posted by hooker4186 View Post

Admirals Peacoat.
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Leather pants goddamnit drew
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Only for pretty women with big hats Brad.
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i'll be whatever the hell he needs me to be if it means i get my legs covered in that toj leather
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I'm in for an oxford, I'll be ready to send the money.
Will we able to find your new location by just looking up Scout Seoul?
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Helmet bag yes please
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