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Really I want to see once you get, because I'm really thinking of getting one. Either that or sand tan 2013 rider. Only two options for me atm.
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Probably won't get it until after the cutoff, but I'll post a fit as soon as I get it
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They haven't announce it?...but I feel ya I wish Drew would post a full fit pic like he used to.

Back in the day...

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Drew has forsaken us, to focus on edible jawnz instead of the wearable variety
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Week 16, day 4 of wait for toj0. I'm compulsively checking my email every ~10 minutes. Part of the toj experience, right?

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No, part of not having a life.


Go outside and get some hobbies bro:D

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Originally Posted by afixedpoint View Post

Wonder how many dudes actually ordered the electric goat

(I am one of them)

Wanted to, but no £££.

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Yessss, fishtail arrived. Going to get this baby dry cleaned then winter here I come!

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Wait, since when was Fishtail open for order?!?
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I imagine he bought it off b&s..
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Hmmmm you guys make me want electric goat.


It's probably not available anymore though, right?

Plus I think Charly is going to bench press me into the river if I keep emailing him.

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Man a 2010 DR in electric blue goat would be so fucking awesome, if I just had stax to blow I'd totally do it
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That sneaky blue goat, if it's available and I sell my layer-0 derbies I might get it.


Gunmetal zips kinda don't do anything for the color, don't try to tame a beast.

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All this electric blue goat talk is making me wanting to change my sand tan BCDR order.
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Stick with sand tan.  That's gonna be a good-looking jacket.

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