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Is that the one that got stolen? What was the conclusion to that story?
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My insurance covered the cost of the lost jacket minus a $250 deductible. ToJ let me reorder a new jacket a couple weeks into the hiatus during summer 2012.

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That's pretty damn sweet, were insurers shocked at how much it cost?
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A few TOJ questions, please don't take them as bitching, just curious.


1. In the "End of TOJ" post, Drew said he was doing a capsule release for a friend, set for Fall release.  Tis the season, any news about that?


2. Didn't Drew say a while back that more workshops had been brought in, and the lead times would drop significantly from there on out?  The new 20 week quote seems contradictory to that.


3. Why is TOJ still taking orders?  Not that it makes a difference for me either way, but the last post said cutoff in 2 weeks....2 months ago.

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I understand the whole "everyone's getting their last orders in" and the obvious bigger lead time results of that but it seems that before the ending announcement was posted lead times weren't noticeably smaller. Also, I have no clue why we haven't gotten a recent post from Drew lately.
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Maybe because he's busy? He wanted to open a restaurant, I think I didn't really pay attention much to his other stuff. But unless you understand the restaurant business it's a shitload of work, especially for a new restauranteur, it takes a lot of time and patience. My guess that's what he's been doing this whole time since his latest announcement. Organizing and opening a new venture and not organizing to close this one because that would be a lot of work too. Maybe just follow TOJ on Facebook/tumblr/Instagram and wait for an announcement instead of asking the same question every two days?
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TOJ was never going to end. Drew just wanted to take your lunch money.

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Originally Posted by Wade View Post

TOJ was never going to end. Drew just wanted to take your lunch money.

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Hmm.. Medium Whiskey Calf w/ Gunmetal zips on a DR 2010 or a QMDR?


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I thought about the medium whiskey calf for my last jacket but went with light brown calf instead.. Can anyone comment on how the quality/color/niceness is?
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sup y'all.... been cooking. Apparently it takes 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. We gotta cut off orders eventually but they haven't been coming in much lately anyway, it sort of cut itself off naturally. We are jsut letting the last few people in who have late excuses, I guess. We're making the clothes as normal, but there were a lot of orders as you can tell. I think I explained that the relationship between lead time and order date was exponential and not linearly parallel. So yea. But we're just workin on the clothes in the day and the food at night. Hell of a lot of work.
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We've missed you and your posts.
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It's the beginning of a journey, but the clothes are keeping my life in duality. Lots to talk about. I need to keep going deeper so the story begins to show itself.
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Gah, hopefully I can get an order in for my girlfriend's 2010 GFDR (if it's still available) in time. Just sent payment for my black lamb QDR with bemberg and excellas. Good to hear that the restaurant business is keeping you busy though, busy is good!
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Thanks for taking the time to reply man.
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