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Originally Posted by ninopwns View Post

Prayin the next A-2 batch is this or next week

agreed!  yesterday was 12 weeks for me....

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My only regret is not buying a seabag frown.gif
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Speaking of seabags, where did aeglus go

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I heard he got smothered in a pile of Korean chicks.
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Coming up on 12 weeks on my ToJ0, thank god I have terrible memory because I keep forgetting I ever even ordered it and it's a nice moment whenever I remember.

Man, ToJ said nearly 4 months ago they'd be closing down...I hope so badly drew says "eh" on the restaurant business and revives JC!
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Originally Posted by jabberwock1977 View Post

Sorry guys, I know there has been some discussion on this before but I'm still not really sure what olive calf actually looks like. Can anyone tell me which of the below is the best representation, or add further insight?

I would say those two, the bottom one in particular. The olive calf is dope. Out of the five TOJs I have seen, the olive calf is my favorite.
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Brilliant, thanks my man.

I have placed an order for an olive calf 2 zip moto, silver zips. Hopefully I'll get it before it's too hot next year.
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Some quick pics of the Charcoal wool MA-1 in some natural light.





Honestly, I was expecting to sell this puppy when I got it just b/c it's been like 20 weeks and I overbought all this stuff in between the time of ordering and even a few MA-1s.  


But when I took it out of the packaging, all I could say was "wow wow wow wow WOW!"  I don't think I had that reaction to any of the leathers I got.  


It's just so nice.  It's hard to explain, but you're just like, "damn!  ... dayaaaaam." and then you put it on and it's exactly what people said...feels like a fluffy cloud man.   

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holy shit that looks great

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Damn Dbear, that looks amazing. I really like the gray over the black version
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Great pics Dbear, so glad I went charcoal now
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Thanks for the pictures Dbear!

I had initially ordered charcoal but I wanted something a little darker so I'm glad I changed my order to black.
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that charcoal is fantastic, didn't picture it in my head being as nice as that.

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Told myself I didn't need the MA-1 but these pictures make me question that decision.
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