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Agreed on the relaxed fit. Now that I'm not super over anxious for that second skin look, I appreciate the value of a relaxed fit and investment towards the future. A2 and T1 in the queue will both be so easy to wear.
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Originally Posted by AriGold View Post

I like the combo of the ToJ DR with Keroppi blankets.
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the sarcasm was lost completely... anyways got my new TOJ OXBLOOD (not burgundy, because its really oxblood in real life). I sized up a bit compared to my navy DR. I like the new details although the cuffs are wierd and they are not the convertible cuff with the snaps. also there are alot more unfinished edges with this jacket, say for example the belt, epaulets, pocket flat etc. That is, I can see the edge of the leather where in my navy DR, everything had been folded and stitched, with no exposed cutting edges. Can't type in this jacket because it bunches up at the wrist when zipped. a more relaxed fit here, but these pics are bad so will get better ones tmr in day light.

In terms of the texture of the oxblood calf, still soft, not too thick (its not thin either), a bit drier than the navy calf, and a bit tougher, and not as waxy. Some leather conditioner will definitely help this thing break in. bigger lapels, bigger collar, when folded up it will engulf your face.

overall its a great jacket but there was more attention to detail on the old MDR IMO. Thanks again for everything TOJ crew, Drew Charly Dan Sally.

Great fit and thanks for the review and comparison of the finer construction details ... BTW, when was your old MDR made?
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To me, it seems the new supply of calf seems drier and looks rougher compared to older pictures.
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Decided on my final piece to purchase before the cutoff. Deciding between the Collared Moto and the A-2. Either way I will most likely go with lamb, brown for the A2 or Toffee Tan for the CM. Could anyone share their opinions?
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^ Do you have any other TOJ pieces? I'd personally go with the brown lamb A2 if not.

Looks like my final setup will be dark brown goat MDR, brown lamb A2 and a black lamb MA-1.

Just sold my loved 2010 bomber, so good.. I wish it was still available.


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I own a Peacoat and Winter Varsity, and I have a black lamb DR (newest model) in the queue.
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Received my black/black toj0 today.

Supple lamb sleeves and a ridiculously smooth body along with the occasional sun-soaked glint off the button makes this one of the sickest jackets that I've ever owned.

Thanks TOJ crew and trust in charly.

Fit pics coming up soon
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Exposed cut edges? That doesn't sound good.

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Originally Posted by slimaneism View Post

Exposed cut edges? That doesn't sound good.

None of the photos in the gallery have this, so it sounds really weird to me.
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^both of my riders have exposed edges. it's either a design limitation or just cutting corners.
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Sand lamb channel quilt BCDR with zilver zips or the same jacket in navy lamb? 

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Depends on what colors are in your wardrobe.

If you do Sand Tan Lamb, I'd suggest gunmetal zips because I feel silver lacks contrast.
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Has nothing to do with quality. It's just how you make things like belts, epaulets, and other small tubular details that the other jackets (like MDRs) do not have. Clothing is sewn inside out and then turned back out again to finish. How do you think a tube of calf is sewn on both sides and then turned back out? It's two inches wide and over 35" long at that point. That's not physically possible. An epaulet wouldn't do it either, at like 3 or 4 inches. You can check this with any leather jacket out there.
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sand lamb!

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