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P.S. Please release the duffel before the end of the month. kthxbye
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Don't worry, I have nightmares about the duffle too.

It's alright krayzeez, he's left us.
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Originally Posted by jookz View Post

Pretty sure next year will have a fall season too, mate.

I have problems delaying gratification frown.gif
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

Should auction the helmet bag to go towards start up funds for the restaurant nest.gif
Originally Posted by Wade View Post

Shame helmet bag never made it either

Originally Posted by spicycho View Post

My thoughts exactly. I went ahead and ordered a black/sand TOJ 0 but I was really holding out for that bag, thought it would be made for sure.   
Originally Posted by JilSlander View Post

Was holding out for a TOJ duffle bag, but happy to see Drew moving on to another passion.
Originally Posted by krayzeez View Post

P.S. Please release the duffel before the end of the month. kthxbye

Originally Posted by 5354 View Post

Don't worry, I have nightmares about the duffle too.

Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

There may be a few ways to still get TOJ products in the future - I have already agreed to make a capsule collaboration for someone launching a store featuring the best quality mens clothing and accessories from around the globe - that will be a small collection to be released in the fall, and will be pretty separate from anything we've made before - leather, lining, and zippers all upgraded for that special collection, and it'll be pre-made, ready to ship. The same could reprise itself at other stores, as small capsule drops. Likewise, if the mood strikes me or public demand calls for it, there are some items that I've wanted to make but never gotten around to, that are better off factory made - so those are feasible temporary projects I could do and release later. TOJ jeans never happened, but could at a later date, and there are other things we should've made but didn't get around to yet, and TOJ will be making cameo appearances in this way. That is getting ahead of myself though, talking mostly of things in the future.

As for the present and beyond, leather jackets and coats will generally rest in peace


Previously I had planned on making/releasing some new items, and have quite a number of prototypes we worked on that will end up being unreleased - I will hold onto them and maybe save them for later, or I have an idea that if I need a final fundraising boost for my TOJ restaurant project, I could start a kickstarter and offer tangible TOJ item rewards at the same price they'd normally sell for here. For something like that, they'd be separate, new items, and not ones you have seen before, exclusively for that project.

So in short, there's still a chance you guys will get your bags. Keep registering interest with Charly if you haven't already, and you might get the chance to order one eventually. satisfied.gif
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Reading old posts in this thread....Whatever came of the sunglasses/shoe endeavor?
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Originally Posted by Aldous View Post

Reading back in the old thread....Whatever came of the sunglasses/shoe endeavor?
The sunglasses guy was busy with his day job - managing crazy j-pop stars, etc.
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Sweet baby jesus
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damn, how you have three TOJ totes ribkin?

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NOOOOOO the anniversary summer weight edition collection. Was waiting for that frown.gif
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Just wondering will the CWU and A1 bomber get made first before the other models? I remember reading that they were discontinuing these two models in order to clear room for production.
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Originally Posted by click here View Post

 to clear room for production...


....of pho/hamburgers/something cool I don't even know about (most likely).  The CWU's and Bombers are made by different people than the other leathers however, so the production schedule will be different although not necessarily shorter

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Originally Posted by chef_one View Post

I have to shut TOJ clothing down

I was really looking forward to the new winter season stuff that was teased way back. frown.gif
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Dammit, doublepost. This news has me so distraught I'm clicking post a reply instead of edit post by mistake...
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i was waiting for a suede harrington to get released. now considering a t1 in md grey. Would be kind of nuts though since I ordered a black/sand toj0 after the announcement.

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(posted last year, he warned y'all)
Originally Posted by BEAR JEW View Post

I don't know why you dudes who have the money and want to order but would rather wait till the last minute(a last minute that you don't even know when is going to happen) or wait to see what items may or may not make it over to the new iteration? Maybe even potentially missing out on the last call when it comes time?

Why not just stop overthinking,order now and have peace of mind instead of being filled with woulda/coulda/shouldas?

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