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Originally Posted by click here View Post

Can we still order the A-2 Bomber and CWU? Or has that now been discontinued?

Think you can still order: http://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/post/52684363752/i-just-saw-the-news-congrats-on-your-new-venture-and
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Via FB.



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So can I say that a BCDR purchase is an investment into your restaurant? Because then I won't feel bad spending extra money at all...

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^bingo, about to email an inquiry for a couple investments.
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Best of luck on future ventures!


Waiting on my first jacket to come in, so I can check measurements and order Black lamb Moto with silver zips.

Ordered April 1st and I dearly hope it comes within the month deadline!

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Was really looking forward to a potential winter parka but I guess not.

Shame helmet bag never made it either
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Oh and for anyone who ordered the daypack, I was quoted at around 2 more weeks til shipment. Really hope it comes by then so I can use it for my trip to Tokyo.
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time to cop cwu before shut down. biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Wade View Post

Shame helmet bag never made it either

My thoughts exactly. I went ahead and ordered a black/sand TOJ 0 but I was really holding out for that bag, thought it would be made for sure.   

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Best of luck to Drew and his future endeavours. I've been eyeing the MDR for the longest time... I guess it's now or never ><"" The decision now is which colour and material...
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Any chance I can order a TOJ1 2011?
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Best of luck to you! Might actually have a chance to try the restaurant out as I anticipate being in Taiwan a lot over the next few years.


Digging through this thread got me through a really tough time when my company closed. I ordered the A2 to mark a new start, and funnily enough landed a job right after it arrived... so then I ordered an MA-1 to celebrate tounge.gif.


Going to have to take extra care with the jackets now... nah who am I kidding I'm going to wear the crap out of them and love every second.

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Wow, if you ever expand to Japan, I will definitely make sure to visit when I'm over there. 


Would be pretty surreal to eat there while wearing Jawnz.  icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Thats awesome news, glad the man is getting to follow his dreams :)  Guess if you wanted a TOJ its now or bust for a long while.

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