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gunmetal 4 lyfe
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CWU Fit Pics (Click to show)

[apologies for the iphone picture quality]


H&M shirt / Modern Tailor button down

3sixteen sl100x – worn 4 months, 1 soak, haven't hemmed yet

OG GATs, Clarks Db beeswax


Received my CWU 2 weeks ago, this is my first leather jacket and first TOJ purchase. The quality of leather is amazing and its super comfortable. I spent 6 months hitting the gym before ordering so I wouldn't order too small, and had Charly size for a slightly relaxed fit – 1.1 p2p/chest ratio. This is the most I've spent on a piece of clothing before, so I'm having a little buyer remorse about small tweaks I could've made here and there.. but for my first attempt I'm happy with the fit - and any opinions are welcome!

Oh and the ribbing does ride up a little on the bombers, Charly suggested to add 1" length. I was already at the peak length I wanted, so I only added 0.5", but now I kinda wish I went for 1".. but that is pretty minor.


Measurement details (for anyone curious) (Click to show)

My notable measurements:

Chest: 22.5-23"

True waist: 34.75"

Bicep: 15"

Height: 6'2”

Weight: 180lbs



Shoulders: 18.5"

Chest (pit-to-pit): 23.5"

Waist (leather above ribbing): 19.7"

Body length - front: 24"

Body length - back: 26.75"

Sleeve length, from shoulder: 27.3"


From Charly:

Midsection: 22.1"

Sleeve width @ pit: 8.0"

Sleeve width @ elbow: 7.1"

Sleeve width @ cuff: 6.2"


Researching through this thread gave me confidence to order before trying it on, and handling it in person definitely confirms the amazing value. I'm already thinking about what style I would order next.

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congratulations, congratulations
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^^ Looks nice, combolations. 1/2" of length is pretty inconsequential, and I don't know that you'd want it any longer than it is right now.
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yeah it's already long enough as is. most fits here actually have it slightly shorter than yours, so it hits at the belt line. We have very similar dimensions!
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Originally Posted by icwhp View Post

That looks sick, details on model leather and hardware?

yeah 2010 dr with gunmetal
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Thanks guys. I'm relieved to hear the length is good because I didn't want it too cropped. The CWU is really incredible, I kept reading Drew quote how nice it is and decided to pull the trigger. I'll just enjoy the jacket now as its meant biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Mateo XVI View Post

Love it. Who makes it?
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It's a custom order jacket, made from chemically dyed outer flesh of innocent, happy lambs, and sewn together by korean laborers and, finally, plugged with industrial gunmetal steel. 

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Originally Posted by Mateo XVI View Post

Love it. Who makes it?


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Originally Posted by Mateo XVI View Post

Love it. Who makes it?

That question should be a bannable offense.
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Price check in aisle three please. Price check in aisle three.
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Originally Posted by fungz0r View Post

Your bear's on fire
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Received my second TOJ: Cracked Pepper Fishtail arrived today (here are some crappy pictures)




As my friend calls it: TOJ Jedi cloak (probably some Sith lord schnip).


Love the color (seemed lighter in some photos, but I'm happy it's darker)


It fits great considering that it's supposed to fit big (plenty of room for layering). Very happy I went with a medium -- a large would have been enormous. I'm 6'4", with long legs, but skinny -- so the medium is great. Lengths, 35" down the front, 28" sleeves.


TOJ will obviously make some awesome winter jackets in the future, but this has the look and feel of a jacket that I can wear in the winter until I'm old, and then I'll pass it down to my young'ons -- very happy I purchased.  


Ordered at the Jan. cutoff, arrived April 29. It's getting warm out east, so no chance to wear it this year. But I've been suggested to turn the AC on in my house and wear it around with nothing else on. <3 <3 you all (and thanks TOJ crew!).


Now I just get to wait for the TOJ0...

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Always regretted not getting a fishtail.

If anyone has a S and wants to sell, pm me
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