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ps I have a follow up on Fishtail parkas for the first round that I will post up but I gotta take some pics and stuff, so I'll post back by the time people are awake for the morning.
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Gallery not working here either. Are there even any examples suede bombers?? I'll say black calf, but I'd really rather say brown. edit: The pictures I've seen so far just can't capture the awesomeness of the brown calf bomber irl.
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^I think that's true for the bomber in general, it's a little plain looking in pictures, but the slim fit and the way it's a tweaked classic, it's cool in real life. Helps you maintain a modern silhouette while putting you in a Bomber that doesn't scream old man.
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Razele, the rule to remember is that you can never have too much black. The bomber looks stunning. If I was wearing leather, I'd want one.
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Is it still possible to order a suede bomber like the one you guys did for aj_del or have you stopped offering that now that you have minimalized the custom options?
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We can do those, I just stopped talking about them because we got so few orders for them. They're actually quite nice, but we only made like 3 of them, lol.
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Ok, that's nice to hear. Saving up for a moto right now, but after that I think it will be one of those. Feels like a great jacket for spring.
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post
We can do those, I just stopped talking about them because we got so few orders for them. They're actually quite nice, but we only made like 3 of them, lol.

Did anyone ever order one of your trucker jackets? That would have been so great in blistered lamb. Still wish I got one myself (even though I have too much leather as it is... if you can have too much leather that is).
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received a brown calfskin bomber today. had to pay customs but overall im really happy with this purchase. thank you!
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Alright, we had to make one last FIshtail Parka sample before our run gets sewn up (fabric is all laminated and cut for assembly, and so that means it's just three pitches and they're done at this point) because I tweaked the sleeve taper and had to make sure it worked before we gave the go ahead to run all the coats up. Everything else is the same as you saw before, but this time I wanted to show you the lining, because I changed it ever so slightly for performance; - before, I'd planned on outer (wool) - lining (sateen cupro) - (wool) -> 2oz polyfill (faced in the same cupro).... so it was gonna be double wool layers. But I realized that was adding weight and not high performing enough for what I wanted to do, so we took that liner jacket's outside and turned it to cupro, but internally we added a third jacket essentially, of windstopper and taped the seams. (the material sample is pictured below, last) - it's gonna be warm as hell. The windstopper and taping, you won't see, it's inside the liner jacket. You can see the button-out liner in the lower pics, the sleeves reach to about 9/10ths and then button on there. The windstopping fabric and that white taping is also used in things like North Face jackets and Dainese motorcycle jackets, it's good stuff. -Also, the only other thing I ran into during the preparations/making of this coat was that the grosgrain tape we're gonna have on these, there was no dark olive grosgrain, so (only) olive green Fishtail guys: your coats will have the grosgrain strip done in the same wool fabric as the shell, to match. That only applies to olive coats, the rest get grosgrain. So to illustrate this, we made this second sample with a self-fabric strip where the grosgrain was on the first sample. It's just for illustration purposes as i said, and only the few guys who ordered olive need to worry about this announcement. Anyway, no changes from the first sample essentially, besides the thing about the green tape, and the fact that we upped the inner liner with windstopper and seam tape. Still 100% swag juice. I was trying to take a photo of the coat on my baker's scale, but I didn't know the scale maxed at 2 kilos. So I don't know how much this weighs, but obviously more than 2 kilos. Onto some pics.... Anyway, watch for these to start rolling out.
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What was the word on putting fur collars on DRs again? All the pics of bombers is making me kind of want one...
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lol, that 3rd pic is kinda shit, sorry. That reminds me, we figured out today that each coat gets 30 of those buttons total. haha.
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Looks good.

I like that last sentence !
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I figured you would. is that lining what you expected to see? I know you were asking about it before, but the first sample I wanted to tweak before showing.
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Awesome, so pumped to get mine. About how many orders did you get drew?
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