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I'm kind of wondering what everyone here does for a living. Seems like most of you guys are able to wear your TOJs on the regular, and a lot of you here have multiple TOJ items. So what jobs do ya'll have that you can wear your TOJs to work and make enough to pay for such lux items? I'm a college student and self employed so I have the luxury of wearing whatever I want.

i am a former self employed equity analyst, currently a student
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Airline pilot - obviously don't wear TOJ to work (even an A2 bomber wouldn't go down too well unfortunately smile.gif ).. but lots of days off so leather jackets aren't just confined to weekends.
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Up until early this year I was living in Japantown in San Francisco and was working in biotech. Definitely miss the free-spiritedness and work culture of the bay.

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can we get a "semi-toj" thread so the real toj thread can stop getting derailed by this?

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drew have you any interest in making a quilted jacket?
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I am an art director at an ad agency. We can wear whatever we want. Sometimes it's actually a burden, though, as all you want to do is wear tees and jeans every day. When you can wear anything, suddenly all the nice shit in your closet, the endless button downs, the brogues, the boots.... Why would you bother when you can always fall back onto a tee and sneakers?  It's difficult to motivate yourself to wear something "good" when you are just going to work, where everyone else is doing the same thing as you. If anything, you're dressing up a bit for your peers to see, but that's about it. 


MDR 4zip is good on days when I just feel like wearing a tee. 

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i'm a car-salesman lol. i sell new Hyundai's and all sorts of used cars. i wear my bomber a lot, as it's more appropriate in that setting, however every now and then i'll sneak in with my 2-zip moto or high-neck isaora leather on. customers seem to like my sense of style and it kind of sets me apart from the other salesmen.
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I rule the 7 kingdoms

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Toj jackets aren't expensive by any means, I bought a 800$ leather jacket 10 years ago (still have it and its in good condition), I'm afraid of thinking what that would cost today, my guess is somewhere above a 1000$.

The winter stuff is a bargain.
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if you aren't out and about all the time i'm having a hard time finding why someone can't find money for a leather, assuming you work.

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Guys would the TOJ13 varsity jacket be too warm to wear in the spring? (45-65 degree weather)



And can someone convince me on which way to go between lamb and goat leather? I would really appreciate it.




To add to the discussion, I'm looking to buy my first TOJ, but I am a student but make some side income from private equity analysis

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Nah it would be fine in that weather

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Originally Posted by Golf54 View Post

I am a student but make some side income from private equity analysis

God save us.

but go lamb.
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I'd probably wear a t-shirt in 65 degree weather.
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Is tomorrow Tracking Day for me? 12 weeks now, could be!
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