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I don't even know my personal measurements, but I'll do what I can.  Based on Charly's MA-1 fit, I sized it relaxed/long on purpose and I'm glad I did - it's an MA-1.  My A2 was uncomfortable to wear and so I adjusted my measurements based on that.  The MA-1 is fitted in the top block, but in the shoulders/back especially.  It might not look like it from the pics, but it definitely feels like it.


I'm 5'9.5, 155-160, 39-40" chest, 31-32" midsection, but much wider hips.  Long arms.  Don't have broad shoulders but have sloped traps.  Body fluctuates too much to bother getting exact measurements, and I think I'm still growing lol.  Here's jacket measurements.



shoulders 18.1
chest (p2p) 21.4
midsection 19.6
waist 19.7
body length, front 23.8
body length, back 26.1
sleeve length, from shoulder 27.1
sleeve width @ pit 7.6
sleeve width @ elbow 6.75
sleeve width @ cuff 5.9



Unless you're ordering a black lamb MA-1 I wouldn't put much stock in these measurements.




Trust Charly doe

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Here is a couple of close-ups of the unglazed goat for anyone interested.
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NC, jacket looks great. Definitely not too long.

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Originally Posted by NotCrispy View Post

Black Lamb > Brown Lamb.  So soft.  Holy shit. 

The Charly Special black lamb MA-1 is my next ToJ!!! Just waiting for my TOJ1 2011 to arrive first...
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I've felt both the brown and black lamb (I have the black lamb) and I really think it is the softer of the two. Luh dat.

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Looks great NotCrispy, I just ordered one this morning shog[1].gif. Based it off Charly's fit too. He just looks too awesome in it.

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My cousin has black lamb and its softer than anything I've ever felt!
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Toj1 sur une femme (via)



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A beacon of hope in the bay.
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desperately trying to get my girl into a TOJ but she just won't have it :(

plz halp

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Talk to her about your wrist measurements.
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TOJ1 looks AMAZING on girls.


Drew please bring back the varsity with Raglan Sleeves worship2.gif

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Originally Posted by AKang View Post

Yeah; you should keep posting.
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jookz busted out one of his 8 posts per year to burn you.
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