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Same size as last time. Check it out in the gallery.
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Is black suede the only option forever? Or just for now? Plan to order regardless so I guess it doesn't matter... just hoping for closer to that 300 mark of course nod[1].gif
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

There's a nice balance to that too, though - imagine going out and having your fulfilling experiences, while wearing the awesome leather jacket.... devil.gif The possibilities may perhaps become exponential... I cannot fathom the amount of swagger I would've had if my style had been pulled together at that age. It just wasn't possible where I lived, and there was no internet fora or real discussion going on at the time for age-appropriate clothing. I suffered for awhile, I think. The potential was there all along, but there were just too many voices and not enough examples, nothing that really spoke out to me.

For sure there's always that. I mean, where I'm coming from, I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do or be when I was 18, so dropping £500 on a leather jacket wouldn't have made any sense at all. I'm 24 now and I know my style has drastically changed in those 6 years, and I know a lot of things I liked then I no longer like.


18 just seems a bit too early for me to be making purchases like that when they could be going on partying and various experiences. But whatever, that's just me, other guy's situations and expectations are different and this thread isn't the place to be talking about all the bullshit that accompanies life. 

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the struggle is real



Sidenote: is price range going to be the same for helmut bag or higher?

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Damn this thread really blew up. I think I'll be putting my money towards a used toj now

daypack looks so good
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buy less, buy quality and enjoy what you wear. wish I travelled more while in school and before getting to work


spoilered because cheesey feel-good


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




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daypack is pure cashmoney.
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its a good thing i sold all my stocks...  icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Originally Posted by zayg View Post

Bought an A-2 off B&S. Man, I don't know how this fits me so tight when I have a denim jacket with slimmer measurements that fits me fine. Hmmph. Luckily I have someone lined up to purchase this already.


What an incredible jacket though. Seriously impressed. The only problem with buying these on B&S is that the sizes seem to be pretty inconsistent. I see people posting 48s with 19" p2p and then I see 48s with 22" p2p. This supposedly had 20.5" p2p. The shoulders are definitely too small too. Maybe I'll find something...as much as it is completely different, that blue QDR is pretty damned tempting.


Hmmph. Nobody saw this because it had to be approved for moderation.


If I purchase another, anyone think I should go up to a 48 or maybe even a 50?

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I'm guessing the higher armholes and extra thickness make the toj feel slimmer than your denim jacket with similar measurements.

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Lengths look good but arms look too tight
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Yeah, based on those pictures the S2S measurement looks pretty good, actually. The sleeve's just too tight.
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or if you're buying new from TOJ just measure yourself and email charly
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Originally Posted by istasi View Post

or if you're buying new from TOJ just measure yourself and email charly

Sadly don't have the money for a new one these days. Maybe next year.


You guys think the shoulders look alright though? I just thought it was really odd how much the part near my armpits (next to the suede patch for example) just kinda got pulled in. I was thinking that may be part of the shoulders being too small, but if the chest is a little small and the arms are way too small then I guess that could create the same effect.

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RE: Daypacks

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