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Goddamn, going to need a TOJ umbrella with all the rain we're getting in England, particularly if I want some suede.

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Originally Posted by rarf View Post

So I finally got my TOJ1 in the mail a couple of days ago, and it's beautiful, and it's sized ok, except the pit-to-pit is 2 full inches larger than stated on the raglan sizing chart, and the back of the jacket balloons quite terribly, actually creasing at the shoulder blades and forming two ugly protrusions. I've looked through the gallery and didn't see anything like this, and yes I took Charly's sizing.

Did I misread the sizing chart? Does it actually show body measurements for each size?


What size did you get/what are your measurements/what're the measurements of the jacket you got/pics please.
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Also, I haven't even received my TOJ1 2011 yet, and I'm already contemplating a Moto 2011 in dark whiskey calf.

I'm fucked now, aren't I? Addiction latching on...
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drew isn't messing around in 2013... that bcdr looks incredible

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Could we get a picture of someone wearing the new DR?
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Some pics of brown lamb CWU and brown goat CM in natural light and flash. Hopefully grain and subtle colour differences come through.

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^ I'd like to see a fit too

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Originally Posted by IronKnochs View Post

^ I'd like to see a fit too

Oh me too
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Originally Posted by Leather View Post

How does the collar stay up like that? Is there a snap underneath?
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I believe so.

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Originally Posted by FrankieGT View Post

How does the collar stay up like that? Is there a snap underneath?

C'mon, dudes: 1 | 2
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The snaps is what makes you think "damn he really thought about the design when he made this jacket"
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Do the TOJ varsities run small? or slim/fitted? 

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Sorry for the double post.



Originally Posted by RXS09 View Post

Need some help for a friend guys. Would appreciate every ones input, he's not sure if he should get a 50 or a 52. I recommended a 52 because his measurements are not much different from mine. What do you guys think?


"My body measurements:
Shoulders: 19.5
Chest: 42.5, pit to pit: 21
Midsection: 33
Waist: 32
Front Length: 22.5
Sleeve Length: 24.5
Bicep: 16.5

I'm 5'10'' 174lbs

50: I feel can fit me, on the "slim/snug" side. Shoulders may be a little snug, but I compared the shoulder measurements with one of my favorite fitting shirts, and that shirt has a shoulder with of 18.5, body width of 22.5. Possibility that I can't wear this jacket closed, but I intend on wearing the jacket only in the spring/early-mid Fall.

52: Can definitely fit, but worried about excessive room in the body area"


Thanks for posting this for me, my account finally got verified.. So I can take it from here lol +1


Originally Posted by smashwindow View Post



Thanks for your opinion, looks like you and 3 other people agree.


I was going to choose the 52, just because I feel it will be "safer" to go big instead of trying to order a smaller jacket trying to get the ideal slim fit.



Originally Posted by Leather View Post

19.5" shoulders seems off... 


Nope, I measured twice.. My shoulders are really that broad.


Originally Posted by Dbear View Post

but for 5'10 175ish...  52 seems sort of out there for that


So you're saying to get the 50? Based on what measurement? How'd you form this conclusion? In the 52, my shoulders and pit to pit match up pretty well. 


Originally Posted by rennavate View Post

I'm 6'0" 180lbs 40" chest 34" waist 19"ish shoulders and have a TOJ1 2011 in 52 on the way, and I anticipate it will fit great. I think it's the size you want, too.


Thanks for your opinion and your help. Does the TOJ12011 have a different fit compared to the 2013 model? Does anyone have a size chart from the previous model?


Originally Posted by AriGold View Post

52 might be a bit big. do you have a topless photo of your body shape to post up? foo.gif


I have pictures of my back, no pictures of the front yet if that means anything lol






Originally Posted by Renalan View Post

just email charly


I've emailed Charly, he told me either a 50 or 52.


He said:


"Either go with a 50 or 52 depending on if you want the jacket to fit slim or a touch relaxed."


"I say 52 if you want a slightly relaxed look. If you've got big arms, you will probably want to go with the 52 with shortened lengths. TOJ items fit slim and aren't really friendly to larger guys. "

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Oh damn might need 52
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