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Oh hey, I just got tracking but I got fat since my order and I need you to just add a few inches to all the measurements.

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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

drew can i please have a gold zip on my purple suede TOJ0 also i would like to add band collar cuffes with zip and 3/4 placket from cqu. only thing is i cdo not like collar stand thats pretty ugly do you think you could look at this other leather jacket i found and copy the collar stand lol because rite now no way. forreal tho i am planning on pickin up 1-2-3 of these ASap so if you could get back to me thank i emailed charly but no response just for the zipas (dont want buttons) and band cuffs (like moto with zippers) also can you add patent leather trim. i hope your not using ykk again i can get riri for like 2.50 a zip a t the sweing store rite by my house dunno why you usin the cheap shit. yo i just changed my mind can you make my varsity out of shearling??????


shearling varsity sounds awesome

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New pocket style on the TOJ0 eh.

So stoked for the rerelese. Been waiting years for this...
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I´ve got some raindrop stains on my bball jacket, how should I clean it?
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With a suede brush?
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Suede brush worked for me following light rain and lots of small dark dots. Wouldn't like to do it too often as it did seem to rub off quite a bit of suede but looked good as new afterwards.
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Going to pull the trigger on an A2. Should I go black or brown? Gold zips if I go black?
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brown + silver
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Whoever was asking for a worn in DR, I just took pics of mine. I'm going to say around 2.5 years?

album here

It's been through a lot of rain, which I think is why it's got those streaky marks?
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+1 on how much these are going to run for? I really want to make my first TOJ purchase haha
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That looks fantastic fungz0r.
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Originally Posted by Distorbiant View Post

What's everyone's favorite varsity color?


I'm definitely a fan of that Willy Cheesesteak special.



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Dammit so hard to choose to choose

Jason Bourne

first world problems
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Side note- what sweats are those Willy? They look great
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