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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

well, the really good fabric is not cheap. I am not gonna make $2000 coats, but the fabric is not cheap.


Do you feel that quality fabrics and pricepoints are a constraint for things you'd like to do?

I know shearling was given as an example before.

Sometimes I wonder what you could come up with if cost wasn't a concern.

Heck, I'm sure you'd still have buyers even if there was a limited edition run of something in extremely luxe fabric.

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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

Oh, you're completely right - and unfortunately that's how every other clothing brand works. I say it's unfortunate because the other 5% are mostly people who genuinely need a size that isn't offered, usually due to height (short/tall) and they deserve nice clothes like anybody else. There are a number of guys who are like 6'4+ who buy from us and it's really a great relationship, I wish more guys in the same boat knew about TOJ. I suppose many very tall guys have just given up on clothes altogether from the outset because of sizing issues. TOJ sizing, if it were to be partitioned by standard sizing, would still be a little unique - we have a ton of sizing data and have sized all kinds of people, and if we had to assign sizes, the look would be slim but size down the median, which is often different from how other brands grade their sizes. We just get a lot of people in between TOJ 46-50, but in reality that spread is more like a smallish Small to a larger Medium. There's like 1.5-2 size choices where other brands would have one.

I am the 5%. not crazy tall at 6'1" but broad shoulders and barrel chest. Charly was more than helpful in figuring out sizing for a 56 and I was grateful for it. I was really happy with my purchase of the baseball at the lower price point but made me understand what TOJ was capable of. Ive been even more pleased with the A2 and will have more TOJ/JC pieces ordered in the next few months if my "56" is still available.

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I know there were a couple who wanted leather backpacks when Drew asked what yall wanted him to do next, but did he ever comment on it?
Something very clean and minimalistic, similar to the ones made by haerfest, made by leather (completely or together with wool maybe) could be so cool
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Use the search

Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

thinking bags (specifically a daypack reboot in a different material)

Drew said a few times that there would be bags in line for when coppidge rolls around

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uuuh toj leather couch whaaat

the next thing for people to ask about for months

speaking of which how are those trench coats going
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when can i order a chesterfield


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Originally Posted by mike1445 View Post

when can i order a chesterfield

Can I get that in double-stitch diamond quilt?
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with riri zips for the cushions foo.gif
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Silver or gunmetal? I can probably have Drew re-dye them if I don't like it though...
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and can we have the cusions in wool and the arms in leather so it looks like a varsity?!?
raglan cut, like the toj1

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As long as its made to measure. I got a sz 48 ass but I'm planning on bulking nest.gif
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Any news on the wool ma-1?
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Originally Posted by Renalan View Post

Any news on the wool ma-1?

Please :|
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Got my Olive Fishtail last week and couldn't be happier.  This is my first TOJ piece ever and the quality is stunning.  I ordered it back on 10/26 and it arrived on 2/8.  I was on the fence between the L and M and ended up going with the M because I knew the Fishtail was a boxy fit.  I'm 6'0, ~205lbs and the fit is exactly what I was looking for.  I supposed if I wanted to leave room for multiple layers a L would have been better but the M fits exactly the way I wanted it to.










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I swear, I think I'll never own a TOJ mostly because I can't keep up with this thread.

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