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No, it's completely different. It's burgundy calfskin, and it looks close enough to the pic I posted (as seen on both my MBP and my iPhone) that I think it's fine to say that is what it is.
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Hey Drew, did you ever get that way-too-long PM I sent you?
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Can't tell if I'm retarded for wanting a blue suede QDR for Australian winter.
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Got another tote today! Also got a bonus jacket!

Sizing notes: Charly/I were worried about the midsection being too tight (no ribbing unlike bomber), so ended up with a more conservative 18.2/18.7, definitely could have gone slimmer comfortably. Glad I added a touch to the chest/shoulders/armhole (relative to lamb bomber), this guy is going to be a labor of love to break in. Should have gone with a smaller cuff.

Color is beautiful, almost looks red

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wait, convertible cuffs, banded-scalloped hem, no buckles

something's going on here

something awesome
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nice, would've been better with silverzips though nest.gif

when did you order?
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Originally Posted by Arethusa View Post

wait, convertible cuffs, banded-scalloped hem, no buckles

something's going on here

something awesome

It's the 4-zip MDR at an angle.
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man i need something in that red calf....
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before putting in the order for a collared moto, i wanted to run the leather type by sf'ers here. Im looking for the heavier sturdy leather that ages well, so Im guessing the calf skin sounds about right? Perhaps even the fqhh? I was originally going for an aero, and stumbled upon toj, the toj fit just looks too good to be true, so here I am! thanks for all your help smile.gif
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I think the fit turned out perfect, Charly is awesome at what he does, do not doubt him. Thank you Charly, Drew, and Dan. :D



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I had a nightmare once where I doubted Charly
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TOJ Guys, I sent an email about this the other day, but didn't receive a response back. I was wondering how you guys felt about a store owner getting in contact with you?
Last week I was shopping in a small boutique called Gallery Aesthete in Chicago while wearing my 4zip calf MDR. The owner said she loved the jacket and started asking a bunch of questions about it.  Apparently, she's been looking for a place to buy a few good motorcycle jackets. I told her about how the JC process works but she is still asking for your contact info. I do understand that you don't really want to sell to stores because that's not your business model, but I wasn't sure if this process changed now that MTM is getting phased out or if you'd be willing to work with small boutiques.
Would you guys mind if I shared your email and tumblr with her? Are you trying to stay away from working with boutiques? If you want to see what kind of stuff Gallery Aesthete carries, here is their website: http://galleryaesthete.com/. They basically carry all artisan designers and really only have a small number of items in stock at any given time. I imagine they'd probably only buy a couple of stock sizes of some DR's or something and just have those on the rack for a little while.
I apologize if I'm stepping over any boundaries by asking about this. I'm new to the TOJ world and don't want to offend anyone. This is why I thought I'd asked before just handing the info over to her.
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Did I get the cuffs too big (5.5), or can most of you dudes put a fist through the cuff as well?

Fit is 99% perfect, but this might be an easy alteration...
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That looks pretty big to me
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