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Oh, and teaching them a lifelong tradeskill to boot. Actually, they should be paying you for the honor and education.


The Drew Keith Center for Kids Who Can't Sew Good, go!

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Huh. I had a dream where I was emailed saying that all MDR orders would be canceled and I would have to pick another style due to domestic issues going on with the sewers.

Man, that was weird.
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif amazing idea.

Is it a possibility then?
I was originally thinking some deep forest green, but what you said about washed out colours on the DR has me trying to pinpoint an ideal green.
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Originally Posted by diniro View Post

jacket doesn't fit
[ ] get new jacket
[x] go on diet

If ever there was some good motivation. Losing few pounds isn't that hard, especially if he likes the jacket and doesn't want to get bigger. 


I won't go on diet and got tired being skinny, so toj days are over. I got a 2010 calf bomber in extra small, but have gained like 14 lbs from the day I bought it and there's no way going back. 

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wasn't criticizing. just making a dull observation. Anyway, I have some money left over from pell grants. Ready to cop ma-1 when it drops, then Ima be good for a long time in outerwear.
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this is really disturbing

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even more disturbing

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the fire rises

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Looking forward to John Coppidge, need a dope wool MA-1 badly

My wife and I are moving to Melbourne from Queensland this year, will be next level cold weather for more ToJ repping
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My god.

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We must go deeper

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I'm sorry. frown.gif
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Can we go deeper? (Click to show)
Forgive me father for I have sinned. frown.gif

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Losing weight at will is nice but doesn't change the fact that the sleeves are a bit too short =\

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