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My peacoat from around 2 years ago:


I really love this piece.
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Running up on 15 weeks since I ordered a moto and a peacoat(5th Sep.). Anyone ordering at the start of September that has gotten theirs yet? The wait is almost unbearable! bored.gif

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I got a shipping notice this morning for my moto. Exactly 15 weeks after I ordered. You'll probably get it next week or so.
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Kick-ass! :) Thanks for the cheerup!

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Finally got tracking for my MDR from August!!! I think I'm more excited to make sure the measurements I gave Charly are correct so I can order a murdered out Quilted Moto cool.gif

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Got my MDR tracker as well. Ordered near the end of August.
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

Made another women's jacket, same basis as the BCDR but reconfigured to have DR lapels. Also experimented with a different quilt style. Once again, I think it's hard to judge it unworn, as we're used to seeing the proportions of a men's jacket and this is something different - just like the BCDR it begs to be worn before being fully understood.
That said, we have a men's BCDR that I'm trying to take pics of, but it looks like the women's BCDR in reverse. Men's sample is coming without quilt, but what we'll do is this - offer diamond quilt, channel quilt (as below) and unquilted for the men's. For women's I think we'll offer the same options. As of now, we're still TOJ, and able to offer options like that in the build to order process. Later, as we ramp production up and start discarding a lot of the overlap needs for MTM, we'll not be able to offer so many permutations to-order.
Without further ado;

previously, the matching women's BCDR for reference (small diamond quilt; men's would be about double the size for a larger quilted look)


I'm very turned on by this.

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Drew, any plans for non-leather women's outerwear?

Also, any plans to make more leathers with the scalloped (non-banded) hem?
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got ma tracking WOHOO!! Now the only thing between me and my peacoat is Canadian Customs..
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T-1 in bright/dodger blue arrived. thanks to Charly for the sizing, fits great.

to be honest, color isn't quite what i was expecting (it's more of a royal blue IRL) but it's still beautiful in its own right:

anyone know if suede lightens in color over time?
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luh dat blue.

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Originally Posted by Blackmaged View Post

anyone know if suede lightens in color over time?
I've heard that sun exposure can fade suede, but I don't have any personal experience with this.
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moar fit pics of my navy calf MDR. the navy calf is real sweet, soft, supple, waxy - its a bit less pliable than lamb but not ridiculously stiff either
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"would look better with GATS"
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yeah everyone told me GATs are the best so i went and bought some!!!
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