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A baller black zipped hoodie with a water repellent hood.
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N2-B Jacket
Leather MA1 (Love the CWU-45, but I find the pockets to be a little large for my liking)
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Waxed cotton coats.
Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

- minimalist waxed cotton duffle, minimalist waxed cotton Chesterfield/lab coat, minimalist fishtail - all with waffle-knit button-out liner
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- Hoodcoat or any coat slightly less formal than the Chesterfield: mid thigh length, minimal design, slim silhouette

- Daypack: wool, leather

- Thick wool flannel trousers: similar cut to the current slim trousers but much more cosy and warm

- Hidden placket shirts: no pockets, regular to small collar

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Chesterfield with fur collar on lapels.

Overcoat; something that fits over blazers comfortably.

Bags!! ...of all kinds

Love the wool/flannel trouser idea too.
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Some sort of luxe mid-length field jacket, sort of like what brad and smash are saying I guess. I like the idea of mixing silk and leather and beating the shit out of it. I do like the idea of a quilted MA-1, silk or not.
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Weekender bags. Oh please.
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. Any sort of simple oversized mid calf length coat. I rarely see any at this length.

. camelhair pieces

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fur. especially leather jackets with fur trim. living in russia i have realized this is practical and awesome.

is the artishard mdr still an option? does anyone know?
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mtm or adjustable length of shirts.
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Mixed material backpack (wool body, leather bottom/detailing, etc.) in a large capacity, 23l+ would be awesome.

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A coat like Dante wears in the upcoming DmC (like a hoodcoat but one you could really beat up) Or a military inspired coat. Something big and sturdy, knee length, with a lot of presence.



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Day pack, hoodcoat and boots would be nice.
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Might as well just list everything.

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